Heres the Full 2018 Lineup for Torontos LGBT Film Festival Inside Out

first_imgAdvertisement Facebook Login/Register With: Twitter Advertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisement Now in its 28th year, Toronto’s long-running LGBT film festival Inside Out continues to put forth some seriously impressive programming. The lineup for the 2018 edition is finally here, and it’s a major mix of fascinating films.The festival will run from May 24 to June 3 and will offer a great deal of films from across all genres. There are 49 feature films, which you can dig into below, as well as a robust shorts program.“Our programming team has raised the bar again this year in delivering a lineup that truly represents the broad diversity of our LGBTQ communities and histories” said Andria Wilson, executive director of Inside Out. “With new offerings including our Bell Media Festival Lounge, and the expansion of our LGBTQ film financing forum, this year’s festival will offer more opportunities than ever for connection, conversation, and celebration.” Tickets for Inside Out are available here.GALAS AND SPECIAL PRESENTATIONSCLOSING NIGHTHEARTS BEAT LOUD, directed by Brett Haley. (USA) – International Premiere. Frank and Sam are the coolest of father/daughter duos. Frank owns a record store in Brooklyn, Sam is months away from heading off to UCLA pre-med, and every week the two get together for family jam sessions. The only problem? Frank’s store is failing and he finds himself in need of a new career path. When he and Sam write a particularly catchy song during their weekly session, Frank has an idea. They should start a band! As Sam struggles to balance her studies, her budding romance with Rose and her father’s sudden intense interest in creating music together, their relationship begins to crack. And when that catchy song goes viral, they are forced tomake some major life decisions. With Kiersey Clemons, Sasha Lane, Nick Offerman, Ted Danson, Toni ColletteCENTERPIECECANARY (KANARIE), directed by Christaan Olwagen. (South Africa) – World Premiere. Set in South Africa in 1985 against a backdrop of apartheid, religion and war, Canary is a charming musical drama that chronicles one teen’s struggle to find his voice.OPENING NIGHTA KID LIKE JAKE, directed by Silas Howard. (USA) – International Premiere. While preparing applications to private schools for four year-old Jake, Alex and Greg are told to focus on what makes their child unique, which, according to their preschool advisor, Judy, is Jake’s gender-expansive play. When Jake begins acting out in preschool, Alex and Greg must come together to lend support and not lose each other in the process. With Claire Danes, Jim Parsons, Octavia Spencer, Amy Landecker, Ann Dowd, and Priyanka Chopra.WOMEN’S GALAHALF THE PICTURE, directed by Amy Adrion. (USA) – Canadian Premiere. The documentary goes further than merely offering up disappointing statistics. The story told in Amy Adrion’s vital debut feature is one that manages to paint a clear picture of the severity of the damage while instilling hope for the future. Featuring compelling interviews with some of our most prolific female directors, this film takes an inspired look behind the camera and into the careers of your favourite filmmaking women. With Ava DuVernay, Jill Soloway, Gina Prince-Bythewood, Lena Dunham, Jamie Babbitt, Miranda July, Nisha Ganatra, Kimberly Pierce.SPECIAL PRESENTATIONS1985, directed by Yan Tan. (USA) – International Premiere. It’s been three years since Adrian returned from New York City to spend Christmas with his Bible Belt family in Fort Worth, Texas. Hiding behind the guise of a successful life in the Big Apple, he struggles to divulge the truth about his sexuality and his health, before it’s too late. But being honest is proving to be more difficult than he expected. With Jamie Chung, Virginia Madsen, Cory Michael Smith, Michael Chiklis.THE MISEDUCATION OF CAMERON POST, directed by Desiree Akhavan. (USA) – Canadian Premiere. Cameron Post is your average teenage girl. But after a prom night mishap in which she is caught in the act with another young woman, Cameron is sent to a facility that seeks to eliminate same-sex attractions. Despite being subjected to discipline and “de-gaying” methods, she finds herself in a new and exciting community. For the first time, Cameron connects with others like her, and finally has a chance to see herself reflected in the world. With Chloe Grace Moretz, Sasha Lane, Forrest Goodluck.PREMIERESL’ANIMALE, directed by Katharina Mueckstein. (Austria) – Canadian Premiere. Mati works part time at her mother’s veterinary clinic, learning the ropes so that she can follow in her footsteps. Outside of work, however, Mati’s mother understands so little about her daughter, forcing graduation dresses on her and questioning Mati’s desire to spend all her free time on her motocross bike with the local boys. When Mati develops feelings for a young woman from town and her mother uncovers a secret that her father has been keeping, the family must decide which is more important: living honestly or doing what is expected of them. With Sophie Stockinger, Kathrin Resetarits, Dominik Warta.FREELANCERS ANONYMOUS, directed by Sonia Sebastian. (USA) – International Premiere. In a moment of drug-induced clarity, Billie quits her job. While searching for a new one she stumbles across a misfit group of unemployed women in a church basement who call themselves “Freelancers Anonymous.” Like Billie, this band of socially awkward ladies want to work but are hopeless at finding jobs– until Billie persuades them to launch an app to reach potential clients. If she could only convince the wedding-obsessed Gayle to support her risky career move, Billie would be all set. With Lisa Cordileone, Alexandra Billings, and Natasha Negovanlis.HARD PAINT (TINTA BRUTA), directed by Filipe Matzembacher and Marcio Reolon. (Brazil) – Canadian Premiere. After noticing a decline in his chatroom income, and following an untimely court appearance, Pedro decides to track down another online performer, Boy25, and accuses him of stealing his act. But Boy25 turns out to be more than a rival, acquainting Pedro with the exuberant, artsy underground of their hometown of Porto Alegre. With Shico Menegat, Bruno Fernandes, Guega Peixoto.HURLEY, directed by Derek Dodge. (USA) – World Premiere. In the world of 1970s car racing, Hurley Haywood was cool, calm and collected. A five-time 24 Hours of Daytona winner, three-time Le Mans winner and TransAm champion, Haywood was a Hollywood archetype: a strikingly handsome man brought up by a good Midwestern family. Yet Haywood was often overshadowed by racing partner and volatile mentor, Peter Gregg–the Batman to his Robin–whose abrupt suicide in 1980 shook the sport to its core. And yet Haywood had secrets of his own. Despite multiple encounters with women, some that included public appearances alongside Penthouse models, he remained elusive about his personal life.MALILA: THE FAREWELL FLOWER, directed by Anucha Boonyawatana. (Thailand) – North American Premiere. When Shane learns that his former lover, Pitch, has been diagnosed with cancer, Shane returns to his old village to be with him. As Pitch devotes his time to Bai Sri, attempting to heal his body and spirit, the two men seek comfort in one another’s arms and remember their trauma in the difficult years apart. In a desperate effort to save Pitch, Shane embarks on a spiritual journey that will cause him to question everything in his life. With Sukollawat Kanarot, Sumret Muengput, Anuchit Sapanpong.NIGHT COMES ON, directed by Jordana Spiro. (USA) – Canadian Premiere. On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, Angel is released from juvenile detention after serving time for unlawful possession of a weapon. She’s thrown back onto the streets with nothing but a few dollars in her pocket, a broken relationship with her girlfriend, and a focused determination to seek revenge on her father for murdering her mother. With Dominique Fishback and Tatum Marilyn Hall.POSTCARDS FROM LONDON, directed by Steve McLean. (United Kingdom) – Canadian Premiere. New to the city, teenage Joe dreams of adventure but is short on cash. He is soon taken under the wings of the Raconteurs, a group of sex workers who believe that knowing the history of gay art is key to their success. Joe learns the ropes but discovers he has an unusual affliction–every time he sees an art masterpiece he is transported inside the work. Could Joe’s condition be a gift, or his downfall? With Harris Dickerson, Leonardo Salerni, Shaun Aylward, Kiera Bell.RETABLO, directed by Alvaro Delgado Aparicio. (Peru) – Canadian Premiere. Newcomer Junior Bejar shines in his portrayal of Seguno Paucar, a young boy learning the craft of artisanal Peruvian story boxes (retablos) under the watchful eye of his father Noé. Although the background of their life is full of beauty–spectacular mountain views, vibrant towns and colourful festivals–the local culture can be extraordinarily unforgiving. Segundo reveres his father but struggles with wanting to follow in his footsteps. With Junior Bejar and Amiel Cayo.SKATE KITCHEN, directed by Crystal Moselle. (USA) – International Premiere. Camille lives on Long Island and spends most of her days skateboarding alone. After a serious injury, Camille’s single mother finds her daughter’s hobby too dangerous and forces her to quit. But the pull is too strong. After discovering the young women of “The Skate Kitchen” on Instagram, Camille heads to New York City, board in hand. She is quickly adopted by the group and, before she knows it, she is living her dream skating and partying with her very own crew. But Camille comes to understand the complexities of the group dynamic when she befriends a boy from a rival group of skaters. With Kabrina Adams, Tom Bruno, Thaddeus Daniels, Jaden Smith.WHAT KEEPS YOU ALIVE, directed by Colin Minihan. (Canada) – Canadian Premiere. On the eve of their one-year wedding anniversary, Jules and Jackie become embroiled in a merciless battle when they find themselves pitted against the most unexpected of adversaries: each other. As violence rains down upon their idyllic forest getaway, the women engage in vicious psychological warfare that will test the limits of their instinct to survive. With Brittany Allen and Hannah Emily Anderson.ICONSANTONIO LOPEZ 1970: SEX, FASHION, & DISCO, directed by James Crump. (USA) – Canadian Premiere. With collaborator Juan Eugene Ramos, Antonio Lopez created ultra-chic fashion illustrations and helped launch the careers of now-iconic women, Grace Jones and Jerry Hall included. Moving through the decadent world of music and fashion, the film immerses us in stunning archival footage and interviews with Lopez’s closest friends and muses. With Jessica Lange, Pat Cleveland, and Karl Lagerfeld.BIXA TRAVESTY, directed by Kiko Goifman and Claudia Priscilla. (Brazil) – Canadian Premiere.Emerging from the favelas of São Paolo, Quebrada is a startlingly original voice who, along with her friend and collaborator, Jup do Bairro, smash gender assumptions and racism with their electrifying live performances. In a series of frank interviews, Quebrada speaks candidly about her experiences as a black trans woman and about her steadfast commitment to self-love. But Quebrada’s vulnerable side is also revealed through intimate archival footage, including home movies that document her recovery from cancer.EVERY ACT OF LIFE, directed by Jeff Kaufman. (USA) – International Premiere. Every Act of Life profiles world-renowned playwright Terrence McNally’s groundbreaking career in theatre and film. McNally’s resumé includes Kiss of the Spider Woman, Master Class and The Full Monty, to name a few, and Every Act of Life chronicles these career triumphs along with professional and personal lows. Whether winning Tony awards, battling addiction, falling in love, or fighting for LGBTQ rights, McNally’s life story shows us the powerful effect that the arts, and artists like him, can have on the world.With Meryl Streep, Angela Lansbury, F. Murray Abraham, Larry Kramer, Nathan Lane, Audra McDonald, Stanley Tucci, Billy Porter, Christine Baranski and more.LARGER THAN LIFE: THE KEVYN AUCOIN STORY, directed by Tiffany Bartok. (USA) – Canadian Premiere. Born in a small Louisiana town, Kevyn Aucoin dreamed big and found his way to New York City. A pioneering makeup artist, Aucoin was renowned in the fashion world for his innovative and trendsetting ideas. Throughout his career, he worked with some of the biggest names in fashion and entertainment, but his rise to the top came at a cost. With Cher, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, and more.SILVANA, directed by Mika Gustafson, Olivia Kastebring, and Christina Tsiobanelis. (Sweden) – Canadian Premiere. Silvana opens at the beginning of self-proclaimed lesbian, feminist, anti-racist, punk rapper Silvana’s career and reveals an artist who has the whole world ahead of her. As the film charts her rise to fame, it also follows her romance with popstar Beatrice Eli from swoon-worthy beginnings to what would become music world domination, one feminist lesbian anthem at a time. As Silvana draws more and more attention, the pressure mounts, and she must work to keep her career and relationship afloat. With Silvana Imam.TO A MORE PERFECT UNION: U.S. V WINDSOR, directed by Donna Zaccaro. (USA) –  Canadian Premiere. The great love story of Edith Windsor and Thea Spyer first captivated audiences in the documentary Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement, a recounting of the couple’s long journey toward their 2007 wedding right here in Toronto. Their story, however, was far from over. When Thea passed away in 2009, Edie was faced with a monstrous estate tax bill, the federal government firmly denying benefits to same-sex couples. And so began the fight.SPOTLIGHT ON CANADA – Supported by CBCTHE FRUIT MACHINE, directed by Sarah Fodey. (Canada) – World Premiere. After the Second World War, Canada, and much of the Western world, became preoccupied with national security. Against the backdrop of Cold War paranoia, Canada began investigating federal employees who might be susceptible to blackmail by Soviet spies. Homosexuality, along with drunkenness and adultery, was considered a “character weakness” and became grounds for surveillance and interrogation by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police under the directive of the newly established Security Panel. Over the course of four decades, thousands of men and women had their privacy invaded and their careers ruined.LOVE, SCOTT, directed by Laura Marie Wayne. (Canada). Love, Scott follows the life of Wayne’s friend, openly gay musician Scott Jones, three years after he was the victim of an attack outside of a club in Pictou County, Nova Scotia. Now paralyzed from the waist down, Jones’s curiosity, charm and sense of humour remain intact, as do the family and community that surround him. While this documentary addresses small-town homophobia and the failings of the justice system (the assailant was never charged with a hate crime), Jones’s incredible resilience is very much the heart of the film.M/M, directed by Drew Lint. (Canada/Germany) – Canadian Premiere.  Matthew is a young Montrealer who has recently moved to Berlin. He longs to make a fresh start but living in a strange new city leaves him feeling isolated and withdrawn. Things begin to change, however, when he meets Matthias. Charismatic, striking and sexy, Matthias is everything Matthew wants to be, and soon Matthew’s interest escalates from infatuation to obsession. He shaves his head, buys look-alike clothes and stalks Matthias through the streets of Berlin. After a motorbike accident lands Matthias in intensive care, Matthew seizes the opportunity to assume Matthias’ identity. In a bid for dominance, their shared power struggle careens between brutal passion and violence. With Nicolas Maxim Endlicher, Antoine Lahaie.OCTAVIO IS DEAD, directed and screenplay written by Soon-Yin Lee. (Canada) – World Premiere. Tyler is unemployed and unsettled after learning that her father, a man she’s never met, has died and left her everything, including an apartment cluttered with the detritus of a complicated life. Her mother Joan, played by the legendary Rosanna Arquette, doesn’t even want to talk about it. Impulsively deciding to explore her father’s stomping grounds before the apartment is sold, Tyler’s curiosity about her father slowly evolves into a sensual exploration of her own identity and desires. With Sarah Gadon and Dimitris Kitsos.INTERNATIONAL SHOWCASE A MOMENT IN THE REEDS (Tämä hetki kaislikossa), directed by Mikko Makela. (Finland) – Canadian Premiere. Leevi revisits his hometown in Finland to help renovate the family’s lake house. He is accompanied by Tareq, a lonesome Syrian refugee who is employed by Leevi’s father. By way of handy labour and broken language, Leevi and Tareq’s affections begin to grow. When Leevi’s father is called away on business, the young men’s connection deepens and they discover a shared need to distance themselves from their families in order to live openly. With Janne Puustinen, Boodi Kabbani, and Mika Melender.ALASKA IS A DRAG, directed by Shaz Bennett. (USA) – Canadian Premiere. After being discovered and recruited by a boxing coach, outsider Leo sees an opportunity to break free from the small-town burden of fish canning and getting beaten up by bullies –not to mention the potential of impressing the cute new boy in town, Declan. With the help of his resilient sister Tristen, Leo sets out to pack a good punch, keeping sight of his real dream: drag superstardom.With Martin L. Washington Jr., Matt Dallas, and Maya Washington.ANCHOR AND HOPE, directed by Carlos Marques-Marcet. (Spain / UK) – Canadian Premiere. Eva and Kat live a humble, carefree life aboard their London canal houseboat, just as Kat had always envisioned. But after the death of their beloved pet cat, Eva realizes she wants more: she wants to start a family. Kat is apprehensive about such a huge change, but when her best friend, Roger, drops in from Barcelona to party with the ladies, the trio drunkenly toys around with the idea of making a baby together. Forced into a corner, Kat succumbs to the plan and, before she knows it, she’s on a path to full-blown adulthood. As Eva enjoys her pregnancy and Roger fantasizes about his new role, Kat begins to feel further and further away from both Eva and Roger and the life that she wanted. Can her relationship with Kat survive their feuding to become a realized dream? With Oona Chaplin and Natalia Tena.CALL HER GANDA, directed by PJ Raval. (USA). In 2014, Jennifer Laude was murdered by an American marine. This senseless crime revealed the day-today dangers that trans women face in the Philippines, compounded by American imperialism. The Visiting Forces Agreement made prosecution of her killer difficult. Three women–trans activist and journalist Meredith Talusan, lawyer Virgie Suarez, and Jennifer’s mother Julita–search for answers while fighting and seeking justice for Jennifer.DADDY ISSUES, directed by Amara Cash. (USA) – Canadian Premiere. Maya spends her days escaping into her drawings and social media, where she cyberstalks the enigmatic Jasmine. Jasmine is an aspiring designer in an emotionally charged, co-dependent relationship with neurotic sugar daddy, Simon. When Maya and Jasmine’s paths finally cross, the two embark on a romantic relationship that provides Maya her dream of first love and Jasmine the inspiration she needs to jump start her career. A bizarre love triangle soon emerges, however, and we learn that Maya and Simon have more in common than merely their love for Jasmine.  With Madison Lawlor, Montana Manning, and Andrew Pifko.THE DEVIL’S MAGNIFICENT (EL DIABLO ES MAGNIFICO), directed by Nicolas Videla.. (Chile / France) – Canadian Premiere. Piloting the occasionally hostile Parisian streets, dancing through traffic, or ruminating on the necessity of mascara or the travails of sex, Manu is a genuine eccentric. Dressed in a fur coat and sunglasses, and with a whole lot of sass, she navigates former and potential lovers with grace and wisdom beyond her years. With Manu Guevera, Daniel Larrieu, and Vicktor Philip.EVENING SHADOWS (SURMAEE SHAAM), directed by Sridhar Rangayan. (India) – Canadian Premiere. Kartik is a photographer living a contented life with his boyfriend in Mumbai, far from the prying eyes of his religious family. Upon returning to his conservative hometown in South India, he is shocked to discover that his overbearing father has arranged to marry him off to a childhood friend, Neela. Feeling tremendous pressure from his family, Kartik impulsively comes out to his mother, the only person who has ever really attempted to understand him. His decision presents serious ramifications that could not only destroy his relationship with his parents, but also threaten his safety and well-being. With Mona Ambegaonkar, Faredoon Dodo Bhujwala, and Arpit Chaudhary.FISH BONES, directed Joanne Mony Park. (USA) – Canadian Premiere.  Hana is stuck between two worlds. She tends to her ailing mother and helps her brother at the family restaurant, but she also wants to focus on her modelling career. Her priorities are challenged even further when she meets and falls for Nico. Straddling emotions, family, and career expectations, Hana must decide what is truly best for her future.With Joony Kim and Cris Gris.GENDERBENDE, directed by Sophia Dros. (Netherlands) – Canadian Premiere.  The film profiles five young people in the Netherlands who identify as non-binary or genderqueer. They discuss important issues in their lives such as which bathroom to use, whether to take hormones, and how to accurately reflect their identity on dating apps where male or female are the only gender options. We witness their daily struggles as these young people are constantly besieged by curious strangers.GRIMSEY, directed and screenplay written by Richard Garcia and Raul Portero. (Spain) –  North American Premiere. After his breakup with Bruno, Norberto decides to leave everything behind and disappear to Iceland. Bruno, however, won’t give up on their relationship and he travels to Reykjavik on a mission to find his ex. Following his arrival, Bruno meets Arnau, a fellow Spaniard who is working as a tour guide. The pair set off on a journey that will take them around the country and ultimately to the remote island of Grimsey. With Richard Garcia, Fanny Gautier, and Helga Thury Ingvarsdottir.HOW TO TALK TO GIRLS AT PARTIES, directed by John Cameron Mitchell. (USA) – Toronto Premiere.  Set in the London suburb of Croydon during the Silver Jubilee year of 1977, fanzine editor Enn meets Zan, a mesmerizing member of an alien cult who has taken human form to complete a mission on planet Earth. It’s love at first stare, and soon Enn and Zan are embarking on a misadventure to learn the basics of punk and how to succeed in anarchy without really trying. With Elle Fanning and Nicole Kidman, and Ruth WilsonLEZ BOMB, directed by Jenna Laurenzo. (USA) – International Premiere. Lauren decides to take the plunge and come out to her family at Thanksgiving dinner. But when her roommate Austin shows up, the family assumes he is her boyfriend and what follows is a downward spiral into madness. As more and more family members arrive it seems less and less likely that Lauren will find her voice. Will she ever be able to come out to her parents? Will her brother stop hitting on her girlfriend? Will her uncle burn down the house with his secret pot smoking? When it comes to a family gathering, anything is possible. With Jenna Laurenzo, Brandon Michael Hall, Cloris Leachman, Bruce Dern, Steve Guttenberg, Kevin Pollack, and Elaine Hendrix.MAN MADE, directed by T. Cooper. (USA) – Canadian Premiere. Man Made follows four men who are training for Trans Fit Con, the only all-transgender bodybuilding competition in the world. The strength on display, however, transcends the physical: Rese is a young father struggling with periods of homelessness; Dominic seeks out his family of origin; Kennie admits to himself and to his loved ones who he is for the first time, and Mason, a loving husband who struggles with mental illness, works continuously to be the man he’s always wanted to be, inside and out.MARIO, directed by Marcel Gisler. (Switzerland) – Canadian Premiere.  For every Gus Kenworthy coming out story, far more closeted athletes struggle between living an authentic life or remaining closeted for the sake of succeeding in professional sport. Enter Mario, star player and captain of his football team. Mario’s sights are set on being promoted to the main squad, but his game is thrown off course when handsome new striker Leon joins the team. With what initially feels like a budding coming-of-age locker room romance, Mario comes out of left field in this poignant, timely story that focuses instead on the claustrophobic panic felt among LGBTQ players who are pressured to hide their sexuality. With Max Hubacher, Aaron Altaras, and Jessy Moravec.MONTANA, directed and screenplay written by Limor Shmila. (Israel) Following the death of her grandfather, Efi returns to her hometown for the first time in years. The visit results in a chance meeting with Karen, a married friend of the family, that soon blossoms into romance. With the good comes the bad, as being home also forces Efi to confront the childhood secrets she once ran from. When she discovers that these secrets also affect Karen’s family, Efi must be willing to put her own happiness aside and do what is right. With Noa Biron, Avi Malka, and Hai Maor.MR. GAY SYRIA, directed by Ayse Toprak (Turkey/France/Germany) – Canadian Premiere. Mr. Gay Syria follows two Syrian refugees trying to rebuild their lives and create the largest platform possible to shed light on the refugee crisis and how it effects the LGBTQ community. With roadblocks at every corner, we witness the struggle for one gay Syrian vying for the title of Mr. Gay World in order to live freely.MY LIFE WITH JAMES DEAN (MA VIE AVEC JAMES DEAN), directed by Dominique Choisy (France) – Canadian Premiere. When soft-spoken film director Géraud Champreux (Johnny Rasse) arrives on France’s picturesque Normandy coast for screenings of his latest arthouse movie, there’s nobody there to greet him. But he somehow manages to attract a motley crew of locals who bring their own drama along on his little tour.PATERNAL RITES, directed by Jules Rosskam (USA) – Canadian Premiere. Some actions can never be forgiven, while other inactions are equally unforgivable. Paternal Rites, a searing, personal experimental film by filmmaker Jules Rosskam, sensitively examines how histories of abuse can haunt a family long after the perpetrator has died. Paternal Rites is a thoughtful, nuanced examination of the aftermath of abuse.THE REST I MAKE UP (Sneak Preview), directed by Michelle Memran (USA) – World Premiere. A chance encounter between two creative women results in a fruitful collaboration. The Rest I Make Up is a fascinating film about a unique playwright and the disease that threatens to silence her. The Rest I Make Up is a loving portrait of a creative woman who remains vibrant, funny, and alive in the face of disappearing memories.THEY, directed by Anahita Ghazvinizadeh (USA/Qatar) – Toronto Premiere. Sometimes the decisions we make when we are young are meaningless and will have no effect on our lives as adults. But sometimes these decisions mean everything. They is a groundbreaking film that takes a penetrating look at one teenager who is at a very significant fork in the road. Executive-produced by Jane Campion, Anahita Ghazvinizadeh’s feature debut is a beautiful and intimate examination of one young person’s path to living authentically.TODAY MATCH AT 3 (HOY PARTIDO A LAS 3), directed by Clarisa Navas (Argentina/Paraguay) – Canadian Premiere. We celebrate any film that features one or two strong and nuanced queer female characters, and Today Match at 3 features a whole team’s worth. Today Match at 3 is especially appealing for anyone who has ever participated in organized sports. But what makes this film shine is its naturalistic, fully developed portrayal of a diverse collection of energetic queer women.WHITE RABBIT, directed by Daryl Wein (USA) – Canadian Premiere. White Rabbit stands out as intersectional feminist gold in a time where we are encouraged to identify and point out social inequalities. Daryl Wein (Breaking Upwards, Lola Versus) invites us to experience what moved him so deeply upon first discovering Bang and her performance art: we are confronted with the harshness of institutional racism and our gut responses to such injustice.YOURS IN SISTERHOOD, directed by Irene Lusztig (USA). Between 1972 and 1980, at the height of its popularity, Ms. Magazine was being read by women from all walks of life, thousands having written letters to the publication expressing both gratitude and annoyance at the magazine’s take on feminist issues. Director Lusztig calls Yours in Sisterhood as much a study in “unfinished business” in the work of feminism as it is a cinematic love letter to the powerful resolve of women whose voices are finally being heard.By Josiah Hugheslast_img read more

Saskatchewan farmer testifies gun just went off in fatal shooting of Colten

first_imgThe Canadian Press BATTLEFORD, Sask. – A Saskatchewan farmer on trial for the shooting of an Indigenous man says he was filled with terror in the moments before his gun “just went off.”Gerald Stanley told the jury in his second-degree murder trial Monday that he and his son heard an SUV with a flat tire drive into his farmyard near Biggar, Sask., in August 2016. He told court the two of them heard one of their all-terrain vehicles start and thought it was being stolen.Stanley told court he and his son ran toward the SUV, kicked the tail light and hit the windshield with a hammer. He said he grabbed a handgun, normally used to scare off wildlife, when the SUV didn’t leave the yard, and fired two or three shots into the air.“I thought I’m going to make some noise and hopefully they’re going to run out of the yard,” he told court. “I just raised the gun in the air and fired straight up.”Stanley said he popped out the cartridge “to make sure it was disarmed.”“As far as I was concerned, it was empty and I had fired my last shot.”He testified he went up to the SUV because he thought it had run over his wife and he tried to reach for the keys in the ignition.“I was reaching in and across the steering wheel to turn the key off and – boom – this thing just went off,” Stanley testified.“Was your finger on the trigger?” his lawyer, Scott Spencer, asked.“No,” Stanley answered.“Did you intend to hurt anyone?” Spencer asked.“No. I just wanted them to leave,” Stanley said. “I couldn’t believe what just happened and everything seemed to just go silent. I just backed away.”Colten Boushie, who was 22, was sitting in the driver’s seat of a grey Ford Escape when he was shot in the back of the head.Court has heard an SUV carrying five people, including Boushie, had a flat tire and drove onto the Stanley farm. The driver testified the group had been drinking during the day and tried to break into a truck on a neighbouring farm, but went to the Stanley property in search of help with the tire.Spencer told the jury in his opening statement earlier Monday that Boushie was the victim of “a freak accident that occurred in the course of an unimaginably scary situation.” He told jurors Boushie’s death wasn’t justified, but they must put themselves in Stanley’s shoes.“Is it unreasonable to fire warning shots when the intruders have tried to steal, taken a run at you with their vehicle, crashed into your vehicle – from Gerry’s perspective intentionally – almost run over your wife?” Spencer asked.“Is it reasonable to fire warning shots to get them to just leave? That’s what it comes down to in many ways.”Stanley was faced with intruders and didn’t have the luxury to wait for police, Spencer said.“This was not a justified death. This death is not justified legally or morally. It is never, never right to take somebody’s life with a gun. But that’s not what this case is about,” he argued.“This is really not a murder case at all. This is a case about what can go terribly wrong when you create a situation which is really of the nature of a home invasion. For farm people, your yard is your castle and that’s part of the story here.”Spencer said the young people who drove onto the Stanley farm aren’t on trial, but he also said they created a panic situation.“If they would have just stopped – stopped drinking, stopped drinking and driving, stopped breaking into people’s places, stop vandalizing stuff, stop crashing into things. Just walk away.”last_img read more

Morocco Has All It Needs to Become a Major Aquaculture Player

Rabat – Morocco needs to take advantage of its 3,500 kilometers of marine coast to create a real aquaculture industry, says Mbarka Bouaida, Secretary of state for Fisheries.For Bouaida, although the aquaculture industry is a new domain for Morocco, the country will succeed in this plan by exploiting the assets it already has, reported Maghreb Arab Press (MAP).Bouaida said in a speech read in her name by Majida Maarouf, the director of the National Agency for the Development of Aquaculture (ANDA), at the 15th Europe-North Africa Convention in Bordeaux, France, that Morocco’s vision for this field is “to make it an indisputable growth engine that can forge a true blue economy.” Benaida believes that Morocco not only has the natural resource requirements to make this plan successful, but also multiple competitive advantages, including the quality of its human capital, its geography as a hub between, Africa and Europe, and its logistical infrastructure.Morocco is the 17th largest producer of fish in the world, with a fish production of approximately 1.5 million tons, worth more than USD 1 billion.The country gained this ranking owing to its two maritime facades on both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean, a coast that extends over 3,500 kilometers, and its 1.2 million square kilometers of coastal areas that are notably rich in fish.The fishing industry accounts for 58 percent of Morocco’s agro-food exports and 7 percent of its total exports. In 2015, the sector generated USD 1.59 billion in exports, according to the National Fisheries Office. And with a total catch exceeding 1 Million T, the fisheries sector accounts for 2-3 percent of Morocco’s GDP and generates 700,000 direct and indirect jobs.This industry can turn Morocco into a state rich in ecological diversity and can make a model of harmonious growth and a responsible and integrated economy, according to Bouaida’s note.The official also endorsed the privileged and intense partnership with France in several areas, especially in the field of agriculture and fisheries, which for her needs to be more reinforced in order to face the new challenges of globalization.The 15th Europe-North Africa Convention was attended by more than 120 companies and economic entrepreneurships, including Mauritania, Tunisia, and Algeria. The convention aims to find solutions for economic projects in France and the Maghreb and to create business platforms based on professionalism and knowledge exchange. read more

Haiti UN concerned at reported weapons distribution ahead of elections

12 October 2010The United Nations peacekeeping mission in Haiti today voiced concern at reports that arms are being distributed as the impoverished and earthquake-devastated country prepares to hold elections next month. The mission, known by its French acronym MINUSTAH, called on anybody with knowledge of any such distribution to come forward and share it with the national and UN police and with international election observers.“These allegations which recur every time there is an election without further specifics are emerging again,” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s Special Representative Edmond Mulet said in a statement.MINUSTAH called on all candidates in the presidential, legislative and senatorial elections to think of the country’s future and programmes that will restore hope to the people.The 28 November polls will take place as the country is still reeling from January’s quake, which killed an estimated 200,000 people and displaced about 1.3 million others.MINUSTAH, which now has nearly 12,000 military and police personnel deployed around the country, has been on the ground since mid-2004 after then president Jean-Bertrand Aristide went into exile amid violent unrest. read more

Athabasca Oil Corp raises capital budget says CEO to retire

CALGARY — Athabasca Oil Corp. says its president and chief executive officer will retire on Sept. 30.CEO Sveinung Svarte has been at the helm of the Calgary-based company since 2006. He will remain on the company’s board of directors as vice chairman and will also continue to be involved in business development for Athabasca.Board chairman Tom Buchanan will assume Svarte’s executive duties. “Since 2006, under his leadership Athabasca has grown into a $3 billion company with an extensive portfolio of world class resource assets in both light oil and thermal oil. We look forward to his continued involvement as a valued member of the board,” Buchanan said in a news release on Monday.Also, the company’s board of directors has approved an increase of $140 million to Athabasca’s 2014 capital budget, bringing the total to $667 million. Athabasca says it’s also maintaining its guidance range of 6,000 to 6,500 barrels of oil equivalent per day for the second half of 2014.Athabasca recently sold its stake in the Dover oilsands project to a Canadian unit of PetroChina, which will bring proceeds of $1.184 billion, $600 million of which has already been paid in cash. The company has said it will continue developing its holdings in Alberta’s promising Duvernay shale and the Hangingstone oil sands project. read more

Mens Hockey No 4 Ohio State topples No 11 Notre Dame 42

Then-junior forward Freddy Gerard celebrates as Mason Jobst scores an empty net goal during the third period of Ohio State’s 5-1 victory over Denver in the NCAA Tournament. Credit: Nick Hudak | For The LanternWhat was originally expected to be a low-scoring game turned out to be a high-scoring affair, as Ohio State (16-5-4, 9-3-3 Big Ten) defeated Notre Dame (14-9-3, 7-7-2 Big Ten) 4-2, its fourth straight win. Ohio State senior forward Freddy Gerard led the team with two goals, scoring what would be the deciding goal on a power play midway in the third period to secure the win for the Buckeyes.Ohio State head coach Steve Rohlik said that he has seen a more consistent team as of late during the Buckeyes’ winning streak. “I think we’ve had a pretty good season, I think we’ve been more consistent lately,” Rohlik said.  “I think we were a little up-and-down at the beginning but I like the consistency that our team’s brought and I think that’s the correlation of having some success.”The second period showed surprising offensive aggression from Notre Dame: a team that is primarily known for its defense. After the first period goal from Gerard and the third goal of the season by Ohio State sophomore forward Austin Pooley, assisted by freshman forward Quinn Preston and junior defensman Matt Miller, the Fighting Irish stepped up, scoring two goals in 34 seconds: one by freshman forward Michael Graham on a power play and the other from junior forward Cam Morrison.   Notre Dame nearly doubled the Buckeyes’ aggression, having shot on target 11 times versus Ohio State’s six in the second period.The Buckeyes showed an increased aggression that was seemingly absent in the third period, shooting on target 11 times in total, something that led to the power play that helped lead Ohio State to the victory. “I thought we did a good job at third coming out, skating, moving our feet,” Pooley said.  “And I think when we move our feet like that we’re going to eventually draw penalties and we did a good job at that in the third.”Nearing the end of the third period, Notre Dame put the pressure on Ohio State. With their goalie pulled, shot after shot came at redshirt senior goaltender Sean Romeo.Adding eight saves in the third period, Romeo recorded 27 saves on 29 shot attempts in the Ohio State win. “He’s a big-time player, a big-time goalie,” Rohlik said about Romeo.  “You’ve seen that out of him before. He made that ESPN save there tonight at the end. Incredible.”Ohio State senior forward Brendon Kearney added a goal with one second left on the game clock, sneaking the puck away from the Fighting Irish and shooting it straight into Notre Dame’s empty net.Ohio State will play Notre Dame again at home at 8 p.m. Saturday. read more

Bumblebees make flowers grow bigger and smell sweeter

first_imgThe field mustard plants grew three inches (eight cms) taller when pollinated by bees Credit:University of Zurich  Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Bees like purple and blue flowers because they find them easier to see Credit:Alamy  The change happens because insects differ in their preference for plants. Bees like taller more fragrant plants so will seek out and pollinate those more often than shorter, unfragranced varieties, causing the bigger, smellier plants to thrive.Flies, alternatively are not so effective at pollination, and so plants will self-pollinate more often, which slows down the emergence of new traits. The bee pollinated plants (shown on the left) had double the fragrance  The bee pollinated plants (shown on the left) had double the fragrance Credit:University of Zurich “With a bit of bee-friendly gardening, and a bit more tolerance of weeds, we can all help to make sure our streets and neighbourhoods are buzzing with these amazing insects.”  The research was published in Nature Communications and to sign up for the bee count visit The field mustard plants grew three inches (eight cms) taller when pollinated by bees  Gardeners have long known the importance of bees for pollination, but the insects can also help flowers grow bigger and smell more fragrant, scientists have discovered.Swiss researchers found that plants evolve differently depending on the insect which is pollinating them.Tests on a type of cabbage species called field mustard, a close relative of oilseed rape, showed that when pollinated by bumblebees, the plants grew three inches taller than with hover flies in just nine generations.They also flowered a day earlier and had double the fragrance. And when placed on ultraviolet light, they had more colours which bees can see.“The traditional assumption is that evolution is a slow process,” said Professor Florian Schiestl.“But a change in the composition of pollinator insects in natural habitats can trigger a rapid evolutionary transformation in plants.” “Bees are brilliant pollinators – and this study underlines their importance,” said Friends of the Earth bee campaigner Paul de Zylva.“Bees aren’t the only pollinator, but many plants will not thrive if they are only visited by other insects, as this new research shows.“But Britain’s bees are under threat, and we can all do more to help them – such as by growing pollinator-friendly plants, avoiding pesticides and turning gardens and other spaces into bee-friendly habitats.“And you can check out the bees in your garden, park or neighbourhood by taking part in the Great British Bee Count later this spring.”Gardeners with lawns are also encouraged to leave dandelions and clover to flower for the bees, and a ‘messy corner’ of old wood and leaves will provide shelter. Chemical pesticides should also be avoided, especially those containing bee-harming neonicotinoid pesticides.Bee expert Professor Simon Potts from the University of Reading said: “Everyone can help our under-threat bees this Spring. Research has already show that our towns and cities can be great places for bees – if the right plants are grown in parks and green spaces. Bees like purple and blue flowers because they find them easier to see  Professor Schiestl said the rapid decline of bee populations in Britain could be leading to flowers that do not grow as abundantly or smell as fragrant. In the long term it could also reduce the genetic diversity of plants leaving them more susceptible to disease.Friends of the Earth (FOE) are currently encouraging gardeners to plant bee-friendly gardens ahead of the Great British Bee count in May and June. Purple and blue flowering plants are best because they are easier for the bees to see, and different species prefer different shapes of flower, so a mix of snapdragons, lavender, heathers, sunflowers, wallflowers, yarrow and verbena will attract all kinds. They are also drawn to shrubs, trees, fruit and vegetables as well as spring and autumn flowering bulbs.last_img read more

The Evening Fix now with added dancing in speedos

first_imgFrench Breitling Jet Team comprising of 7 Aero L-39 Albatross planes fly in formation during their Southeast Asian Tour aerobatics showcase in Singapore (Image: Wong Maye-E/AP/Press Association Images).HERE ARE ALL the things we learned, loved and shared today.THINGS WE LEARNED#INVESTIGATION: The body of a man in his 40s has been discovered at a house in Kilkenny. Gardaí said they will not speak about the cause of death for “operational reasons” however RTÉ reported that they are treating the death as suspicious.#MAGDALENES: The youngest Magdalene Laundries survivor has spoken out against comments by two nuns who defended the institutions in an interview that aired last night. Maureen Sullivan of the Magdalene Survivors Together Group told that the nuns are “stopping the women from healing”.#MORTGAGES: Sinn Féin TD Pearse Doherty today released an AIB document showing that the bank is asking borrowers in the buy-to-let market to sign a non-disclosure agreement when negotiating mortgage restructuring. The TD said the agreement, which request borrowers refrain from telling third parties anything about their negotiations, including that they are happening, is “sneaky”.#THIRD LEVEL: Figures released by the CAO today have shown that science, agriculture and business have proved most popular among applicants this year while teaching degrees have seen a decrease in applications. There has also been a drop in the overall number of applicants with Level 8 applicants falling by 1.7 per cent and level 7/6 decreasing by 6.8 per cent.#BALLYMUN: Dublin City Council body Ballymun Generation Limited has issued NAMA with an ultimatum, giving the agency 30 days to outline plans for Ballymun Shopping Centre before it makes its own plans for retail facilities. The move could see the body selling the adjacent property that it owns which could see the NAMA-owned centre decrease significantly in value.#6 NATIONS: After a tense match against France, Ireland drew 13 all in the 6 Nations game at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin. If you missed the action, take a look at’s liveblog and catch yourself up.Just another tourist enjoying Dublin’s sights… (Image: @Gaelgory) See more images from Dublin City Council’s Twitpic competition here.THINGS WE LOVEDThese amazing photographs taken by a Lonely Planet photographer in Iran. He asked users on Reddit to help him come up with some “catchy titles”.These seriously helpful tips on storytelling for writers from Pixar story artist Emma Coates.This cheery video that tells us that we’re all basically programmed to die. It is actually pretty interesting once you get over the morbidity of it all. (AsapSCIENCE/YouTube)THINGS WE SHAREDHow well do you know your fonts? Buzzfeed’s quiz will put that to the test. It’s harder than you think…Sonic the Hedgehog, Earthworm Jim, Ryu – which one of these video game characters did you most want to be when you grew up?This video of a man giving it socks at a dance workout session in a holiday resort. It’s mesmerising. (tolak84/YouTube)last_img read more

Netflix takes top spot for Internet traffic in North America

first_imgNetflix now claims the title of the largest single source of Internet traffic in North America according to a report by Sandvine. The report analyzes Internet traffic based on data provided by 220 ISPs in more than 85 countries. Sandvine places Internet traffic into categories including real-time entertainment, which Netflix falls into.The real-time entertainment category, which encompasses streaming music and streaming video, took up 49.2% of downstream traffic as a whole in North America as of March 2011. Netflix by itself claimed 29.7% of all peak downstream traffic which is up from 21% in the fall. To put that in perspective, the next largest single source of downstream traffic was HTTP at 18.36% followed by YouTube at 11.04%. Upstream wise, BitTorrent was king at 52.01%, but when sources were listed by an aggregate of both downstream and upstream traffic Netflix took the top spot with a 24.71% share followed by BitTorrent at 17.23%.In fairness to other sources, video files are huge so they are going to eat up bandwidth quicker than other types of traffic. Considering the current Netflix business model is predominantly focused around the company’s streaming video catalog it’s easy to see how Netflix could eat up traffic and continue to grow its share.YouTube received an aggregate share of 9.85% and was fourth overall. As we reported last month, YouTube has launched its own mainstream, on-demand movie rental service that expands upon its initial short-film catalog. This new service may lead to bigger traffic for YouTube, but it has quite a long way to go if it wants to catch up to Netflix. Although success with rentals would be good news for Google, it would probably be a bad thing for Internet bandwidth overall until capacity increases to homes.Read more at TechCrunchlast_img read more

DNA puts forward its first year plan for Bahamas A 500M Economic

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:#DNAeconomicstimulus, #DNAyearplanforBahamas, #magneticmedianews Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppBahamas, April 12, 2017 – Nassau –A $500M economic stimulus, privatising Junkanoo Carnival, re-enforcement of Capital Punishment legislation, an increase in Minimum Wages to $250 per week are just some of the issues, the DNA party will tackle in its first year in office once elected.  The party in launching its manifesto on Tuesday Night outlined a slew of items for immediate response once in office.Kendal Smith, DNA Candidate for Fox Hill likened the continued election of corrupt politicians to being accomplices to a crime. In outlining the party’s plans, Smith announced that the DNA party intended to enact Whistle Blower Legislation and pass Anti-Corruption laws.  Smith added that the DNA intended to run the Bahamas as a business, accountable to its shareholders , the people of the country. He says for too long millions have gone missing without accountability. He highlighted the removal of custom duties on fertilizers and agriculture equipment coming into the country, as well as revise the National Health Insurance Act to accommodate more insurance company participation.  The party says it intends to establish a Public Sector Management Corporation and reduce Central Bank lending rate by two basic points.  Story by: Kimberly Ramkhalawan#MagneticMediaNews#DNAeconomicstimulus#DNAyearplanforBahamaslast_img read more

New Delhi Kirti Chakra for Jadhav Harshpal

first_imgNew Delhi: The brave hearts of Indian Army will be honoured with gallantry awards on the 73rd Independence Day on Thursday. Indian Army’s Sapper Prakash Jadhav of 1 Rashtriya Rifles (Mahar) will be conferred Kirti Chakra (posthumously) for his gallant role in an operation in Jammu and Kashmir. CRPF Deputy Commandant Harshpal Singh has also been awarded Kirti Chakra. Also Read – Enforcement Directorate summons Karnataka Congress leader D.K. Shivakumar Advertise With Us Eight Army personnel will also be conferred Shaurya Chakra, five of them posthumously.Eight more Army personnel will be conferred with Bar to Sena Medals (Gallantry), 90 will be conferred Sena Medals (Gallantry) and four members of Operation Rakhshak will be conferred Mention in Dispatches. Indian Air Force (IAF) pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman, who spent nearly 60 hours in Pakistan’s captivity after Balakot airstrike in February, will also be conferred with Vir Chakra on the Independence Day. The five Mirage-2000 fighter pilots of the Indian Air Force who dropped bombs on the terror facility of the Jaish-e-Mohammed terror camp in Pakistan are being named for the Vayu Sena Medal for gallantry to be announced on the eve of Independence Day, official sources said. Also Read – Fresh restrictions imposed in Kashmir Valley Advertise With Us The fighter planes had destroyed the JeM camp in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s province after entering Pakistani airspace for the first time in 48 years following a suicide bombing claimed by the terror group. Meanwhile, 56 personnel have been awarded Fire Service Medals this year. Of these, President’s Fire Service Medal for Gallantry have been awarded to one personnel, President’s Fire Service Medal for Distinguished Service to eight personnel and Fire Service Medal for Meritorious Service to 47 personnel. Forty-four personnel have also been awarded Home Guard and Civil Defence Medals. Of these, President’s HG and CD Medal for Distinguished Service have been awarded to eight personnel and Home Guards and Civil Defence Medal for Meritorious Service to 36 personnel.last_img read more

Expanded Felon Voting Rights Passes General Assembly

first_imgFormer felons can vote as long as their sentence is completed.Baltimore lawmakers have succeeded in guiding expanded voting rights for felons through the General Assembly. While it is not clear whether Gov. Larry Hogan (R) will sign the bill into law, supporters believe they have the votes to override a veto.Sen. Joan Conway (D-Baltimore City), chair of the Senate Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee, and freshman delegate Cory McCray (D-Baltimore City) each introduced bills in their respective chambers to expand the franchise to felons immediately upon release from prison, regardless of whether the person in question was still on parole or probation.Back in 2007, former Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) restored the franchise rights of felons, but only upon completion of parole and probation. Advocates argued that the 2007 law did not go far enough since it preserved a level of alienation from society for convicted felons that could work to sabotage their efforts at reintegration.“One of the things that sometimes gets left out of the conversation is those community members [former felons] that are in our communities, they have children too, they have children that go to school too, they’re concerned about [recreation] centers closing too, they’re concerned about the hospitals that their grandparents get treated in. And what does that revolve around? It revolves around politics. So when we’re choosing our state, local, municipal leaders, we have to make sure that they have a seat at the table, because they are home, they are right in our communities, they are right next door to us,” said McCray.The original House and Senate versions of the bills included language imposing requirements on the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services to provide felons with information related to their restored franchise rights prior to release. This language which was mostly stripped out through the amendment process.Advocates seemed unconcerned about those changes, however, arguing that restoring the right to vote was all that ultimately mattered. “[This law] is going to change not only my life, but a lot of other people’s as well as generations to come,” said advocate, community organizer, and former felon Perry Hopkins. “I’m fully a citizen now.”In 2016, Hopkins will step into a voting both for the first time in his life. “I remember the signs that said, ‘pull lever 6,’ . . . I’ve never even seen a lever,” said Hopkins. “They say you do it by [touch screen] now so I’m really looking forward to this experience.”The effort to expand felon voting rights was something of an oddity among the criminal justice related bills under consideration in the 2015 legislative session. The bill passed despite it being a first-time effort, and was met with limited opposition testimony in the House hearing, according to McCray, and none when it was heard by Conway’s committee in the Senate.Conway says she is not sure whether Hogan will ultimately sign the bill into law, noting that the governor is not a fan of the effort, but believes that in any case there are enough votes in the General Assembly to override a veto.For Conway, the bill represents an important step in helping felons who are released from prison reintegrate into their communities. “If you’re not invested, and you can’t participate in the system, and you still live in our communities, sometimes you just don’t do the things that you need to do to improve your community because you feel that you’re not a part of it,” said Conway.If Hogan vetoes the measure, legislators will have to wait until next January, when the General Assembly will reconvene for the 2016 legislative session, to attempt to override the veto.ralejandro@afro.comlast_img read more

Suspect appears in court after horror crash that claimed 5 lives

first_imgWebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite A suspect appeared in the Estcourt Regional Court on Tuesday (July 17) regarding five people who were tragically killed in a head-on collision on the Bergville road.The crash took place on September 4 last year, when two light motor vehicles collided.Read initial story: 5 dead in crash near Ladysmith Also read: Update: 5 dead and 6 injured in horror crash near LadysmithFour people were critically injured and treated at the scene before being transported to hospital for further medical attention.The case has been postponed to August 1, which is set for trial.Click to receive news links via WhatsApp. Or  for the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Join us there!last_img read more

Baidu open sources ERNIE 20 a continual pretraining NLP model that outperforms

first_imgToday Baidu released a continual natural language processing framework ERNIE 2.0. ERNIE stands for Enhanced Representation through kNowledge IntEgration. Baidu claims in its research paper that ERNIE 2.0 outperforms BERT and the recent XLNet in 16 NLP tasks in Chinese and English. Additionally, Baidu has open sourced ERNIE 2.0 model. In March Baidu had announced the release of ERNIE 1.0, its pre-trained model based on PaddlePaddle, Baidu’s deep learning open platform. According to Baidu, ERNIE 1.0 outperformed BERT in all Chinese language understanding tasks. Pre-training procedures of the models such as BERT, XLNet and ERNIE 1.0 are mainly based on a few simple tasks modeling co-occurrence of words or sentences, highlights the paper. For example, BERT constructed a bidirectional language model task and the next sentence prediction task to capture the co-occurrence information of words and sentences; XLNet constructed a permutation language model task to capture the co-occurrence information of words. But besides co-occurring information, there are much richer lexical, syntactic and semantic information in training corpora. For example, named entities, such as person names, place names, and organization names, contain concept information; Sentence order and sentence proximity information can enable the models to learn structure-aware representations; Semantic similarity at the document level or discourse relations among sentences can enable the models to learn semantic-aware representations. So is it possible to further improve the performance if the model was trained to learn more kinds of tasks constantly? Source: ERNIE 2.0 research paper Based on this idea, Baidu has proposed a continual pre-training framework for language understanding in which pre-training tasks can be incrementally built and learned through multi-task learning in a continual way. According to Baidu, in this framework, different customized tasks can be incrementally introduced at any time and these tasks are trained through multi-task learning, which enables the encoding of lexical, syntactic and semantic information across tasks. And whenever a new task arrives, this framework can incrementally train the distributed representations without forgetting the previously trained parameters. The Structure of Released ERNIE 2.0 Model Source: ERNIE 2.0 research paper ERNIE is a continual pre-training framework which provides a feasible scheme for developers to build their own NLP models. The fine-tuning source codes of ERNIE 2.0 and pre-trained English version models can be downloaded from the GitHub page. The team at Baidu compared the performance of ERNIE 2.0 model with the existing  pre-training models on the English dataset GLUE and 9 popular Chinese datasets separately. The results show that ERNIE 2.0 model outperforms BERT and XLNet on 7 GLUE language understanding tasks and outperforms BERT on all of the 9 Chinese NLP tasks, such as DuReader Machine Reading Comprehension, Sentiment Analysis and Question Answering. Specifically, according to the experimental results on GLUE datasets, ERNIE 2.0 model almost comprehensively outperforms BERT and XLNET on English tasks, whether it is a base model or the large model. Furthermore, the research paper shows that ERNIE 2.0 large model achieves the best performance and creates new results on the Chinese NLP tasks. Source: ERNIE 2.0 research paper To know more about ERNIE 2.0, read the research paper and check out their official blog on Baidu’s website. Read Next DeepMind’s AI uses reinforcement learning to defeat humans in multiplayer games CMU and Google researchers present XLNet: a new pre-training method for language modeling that outperforms BERT on 20 tasks Transformer-XL: A Google architecture with 80% longer dependency than RNNslast_img read more

Julia cocreator Jeff Bezanson on whats wrong with Julialang and how to

first_imgThe Julia language, which has been touted as the new fastest-growing programming language, held its 6th Annual JuliaCon 2019, between July 22nd to 26th at Baltimore, USA. On the fourth day of the conference, the co-creator of Julia language and the co-founder of Julia computing, Jeff Bezanson, gave a talk explaining “What’s bad about Julia”. Firstly, Bezanson states a disclaimer that he’s mentioning only those bad things in Julia which he is currently aware of. Next, he begins by listing many popular issues with the programming language. What’s wrong with Julia Compiler latency: Compiler latency has been one of the high priority issues in Julia. It is a lot slower when compared to other languages like Python(~27x slower) or C( ~187x slower). Static compilation support: Of Course, Julia can be compiled. Unlike the language C which is compiled before execution, Julia is compiled at runtime. Thus Julia provides poor support for static compilation. Immutable arrays: Many developers have contributed immutable array packages, however,  many of these packages assume mutability by default, resulting in more work for users. Thus Julia users have been requesting better support for immutable arrays. Mutation issues: This is a common stumbling block for Julia developers as many complain that it is difficult to identify which package is safe to mutate. Array optimizations: To get good performance, Julia users have to use manually in-place operations to get high performance array code. Better traits: Users have been requesting more traits in Julia, to avoid the big unions of listing all the examples of a type, instead of adding a declaration. This has been a big issue in array code and linear algebra. Incomplete notations: Many codes in Julia have incomplete notations. For eg. N-d array Many members from the audience agreed with Bezanson’s list and appreciated his frank efforts in accepting the problems in Julia. In this talk, Bezanson opts to explore two not-so-popular Julia issues – modularity and extension. He says that these issues are weird and worrisome to even him. How to tackle modularity and extension issues in Julia A typical Julia module extends functions from another module. This helps users in composing many things and getting lots of new functionality for free. However, what if a user wants a separately compiled module, which would be completely sealed, predictable, and will need less  time to compile, like an isolated module. Bezanson starts illustrating how the two issues of modularity and extension can be avoided in Julia code. Firstly, he starts by using two unrelated packages, which can communicate to each other by using extension in another base package. This scenario, he states, is common when used in a core module, which requires few primitives like any type, int type, and others. The two packages in a core module are called Core.Compiler and base, with each having their own definitions. The two packages have some codes which are common among them, thus it requires the user to write the same code twice in both the packages, which Bezanson think is “fine”. The more intense problem, Bezanson says is the typeof present in the core module. As both these packages needs to define constructors for their own types, it is not possible to share these constructors. This means that, except for constructors, everything else is isolated among the two packages. He adds that, “In practice, it doesn’t really matter because the types are different, so they can be distinguished just fine, but I find it annoying that we can’t sort of isolate those method tables of the constructors. I find it kind of unsatisfying that there’s just this one exception.” Bezanson then explains how Types can be described using different representations and extensions. Later, Bezanson provides two rules to tackle method specificity issues in Julia. The first rule is to be more specific, i.e., if it is a strict subtype (“users have to give an ambiguity error”. Bezanson says that thus users can be on the safer side and assume that things do overlap. Also, if two signatures are similar, “then it does not matter which signature is called”, adds Bezanson. Finally, after explaining all the workarounds with regard to the said issues, Bezanson concludes that “Julia is not that bad”. And states that the “Julia language could be alot better and the team is trying their best to tackle all the issues.” Watch the video below to check out all the illustrations demonstrated by Bezanson during his talk. Julia users around the world have loved Bezanson’s honest and frank talk at the JuliaCon 2019. Read More Julia announces the preview of multi-threaded task parallelism in alpha release v1.3.0 Mozilla is funding a project for bringing Julia to Firefox and the general browser environment Creating a basic Julia project for loading and saving data [Tutorial]last_img read more

How Crypto Thieves Affect the Financial Security Crypto Should Avail in 2019

first_imgWith Alexandra Karpova, Co-Founder & CEO, Millennium Communications & Crypto PR LabCrypto assets have slowly assumed the reputation of being the next poster boy for the financial industry. However, throughout its long and tedious ascent to global reckoning, cryptocurrency still continues to beg the question of whether its eventual adoption is near anytime soon. I can’t help but notice issues that have continued to question its heralded status as a viable alternative to conventional financial systems.So, where has digital currency security failed and how has it affected the community as a whole?Crypto’s Once-Heralded InvulnerabilityAt its first go at global prominence, crypto enthusiasts would argue that crypto was the ultimate alternative to fiat. More so, security was naturally one of the major talking points used to back up this argument, as it is a technology that claims to enable immutability and topnotch encryption. In a way, this argument is valid considering how crypto has found a way around the drawbacks of decentralization (a feature that detaches the network from bureaucratic control).To ensure that decentralization would not give individuals the license to spend a coin multiple times, developers have made consensus-based verification, a core functionality of its underlying technology. Also, the immutable nature of the Blockchain establishes transparency that often evades traditional financial institutions. Similarly, state-of-the-art cryptography offers encryption; therefore, only holders of sets of keys can access digital assets.To simply put, these security measures make it almost impossible to hack a distributed network.Why Does Security Continue to Plague the Viability of Digital Currency? It all boils down to a series of flaws attributable to human error. From the known and documented cases of cryptocurrency theft, such recent Binance hack or The DAO, Mt. Gox, Bitfinex hack etc.  These human factors are the security loopholes. Needless to say, human inputs to the development and maintenance of blockchain networks are some of the flaws enabling this security wrath.Also, remember that crypto owners have the responsibility of keeping their private keys safe. Consequently, our inability to keep these keys away from prying eyes is a major stumbling block.It wasn’t until the explosion of cryptocurrency to the mainstream in 2017, that analysts began to record a disturbing increase in crypto crimes which isn’t decreasing in 2019. The exponential increase of crypto crime suggests that the last bull run also ushered in fraudsters and hackers en masse into the digital asset space.Staggering StatisticsAccording to a June 2018 report by Carbon Black, in the first half of 2018, $1.1 billion worth of cryptocurrency was lost to various crypto theft schemes. More importantly, crypto exchange hacks contributed to a large chunk of this figure. In January 2019, CipherTrace Cryptocurrency Intelligence noted that crypto thieves had carted away with total of $1.7 billion worth of cryptocurrency in 2018.In the aftermath of CipherTrace’s another report by Chainalysis went on with crypto theft activities in 2018. According to the report, two entities, dubbed, “Alpha” and “Beta,” were responsible for many of these hacks, in what they describe as talented teams of computer scientists backed by organized crime syndicates. Consequently, it was becoming more clear that the average crypto owner stood very little chance against the evolving scope of the crypto crime world.Shifting to the first quarter of 2019, reports show that the value of stolen crypto in this timeframe had already hit $1.2 billion. This alarming revelation could suggest that s nefarious entities have stolen 70% of the total amount lost last year. Interestingly enough, unlike the high-profile crypto exchange hacks that made up the bulk of last year’s figure, crypto thieves are finding new ways in our digital age to steal crypto.How Does Security Vulnerability Translate to Adoption? Ordinarily, cryptocurrency is meant to afford users financial independence from centralized entities that charge ridiculous fees for transferring or storing money. In this new system, everyone has a say in the operation of the network. Decentralization is the buzzword as crypto gradually emerged as a disruptive force.Nevertheless, it is known that crypto’s ascendance up the echelon of mainstream acceptance stalled in 2018 as the prices slumped. It’s possible for one to assume that security issues had contributed to this situation, which is not far-fetched. The crypto was unable to escape the unrelenting battering, dished out by popular media platforms with security featuring prominently as a yardstick to determine its viability. Fortunately, the revamp of the market in 2019 is slowly sidelining this sentiment, as institutions are finding more reasons to have faith in the viability of cryptocurrency.In 2018, however, this narrative played a pivotal role in how much enterprises were willing to risk in their quest to explore crypto. These powerhouses did not show the sort of commitment I expect from innovation-driven enterprises. Moreover, the validity of this argument lies in the fact that similar disruptive technologies, such as internet of things, or IoT and artificial intelligence (“A.I.”), commanded more funds, bloated initiatives, and unmatched manpower.Take Goldman Sachs for example. Its contemplative interest in the market was a major talking point last year, which never came to fruition.Instead of massively banning cryptocurrencies, the majority of the regulators actually provided a clear framework on digital assets/virtual currencies. Some regions, however, decided to completely ban crypto, while others are setting up restrictions that are stifling its growth.To be fair there are other reasons for such bans, one simple summary can be described as fear of losing  control.Another challenge this situation poses is determining who or what gets blamed for security breaches. Just as Michael Terpin, who lost his crypto holdings to SIM swapping, had won his lawsuit against AT&T for sending security codes to malefactors, there are countless victims out there searching for answers. In addition, not all crypto exchanges have an insurance fund lying around to pay affected users after a crypto hack as Binance did. In most cases, a lost private key means that the digital asset assigned to it is lost forever.What You Should Be Thinking AboutCrypto assets should avail financial security. Nonetheless, these vulnerabilities are slowly chipping off its security integrity. The question remains as to whether industry players are making the right conclusion from these events and investing more funds and efforts to secure the cybersecurity aspect of business.Let us not forget that crypto is still an emerging technology, and there is still time to work out solutions that would eliminate these threats. A lot of great minds are tirelessly working on building the infrastructure of the future.If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with us at or on Twitter: @SimonCockinglast_img read more

New uniforms and prefab units for underprivileged learners

first_imgMember of Parliament Yunus Carrim and Emnambithi/Ladysmith Speaker Zehra Rassool visited two local schools on Monday, January 16, to donate uniforms to several less fortunate learners.The learners are from Esifubeni Junior Primary School in Watersmeet and Bhevu High School in Roosboom.This initiative was co-ordinated by Emnambithi/Ladysmith Municipality’s Speakers Office as part of the ‘Back To School Campaign’. WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite The uniforms were presented to the delighted children by Speaker Zehra Rassool and Mr Yunus Carrim, who were accompanied by Emnambithi/Ladysmith Municipality councillors and members of local co-operatives.Initiated in January this year, the ‘Back To School Campaign’ saw the construction of eight recently-completed prefab units in which learners will be housed during school sessions. Amazingly, these units were erected within a period of a month at Bhevu High School.Learners and teachers are pleased with the speed of delivery and cannot wait to use their new facilities. Emnambithi/Ladysmith Municipality intends to continue working with schools and to extend this working relationship to identify other areas that need assistance.last_img read more

AJ Charnaud up for exporter award

first_imgLocal company AJ Charnaud & Co. (Pty) Ltd has been chosen as a finalist in the 2014 KZN Exporter of the Year awards to be held in Durban on Thursday.  WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite Established by Andrew and Fiona Charnaud in 1975, AJ Charnaud & Co. is now recognised as a world leader in the manufacture and supply of personal protective clothing for hazardous industries. AJ Charnaud has a geographical footprint that spans over 36 countries on five continents! With this under their belt, they stand a good chance of walking away with a prestigious award on Thursday.last_img read more