Cloudflare in its IPO filing thanks a third cofounder Lee Holloway

Cloudflare in its IPO filing thanks a third cofounder Lee Holloway

first_imgNot every co-founder is acknowledged at the companies that they help to launch. Sometimes, they quit or they’re elbowed out. Often, they’re conveniently written out of the company’s history.In the case of Cloudflare, a third co-founder who began the company with its higher-profile CEO, Matthew Prince, and its COO, Michelle Zatlyn, is little known outside the company for a very different reason. As Cloudflare states in an S-1 IPO filing that it made public today, “Tragically, Lee stepped down from Cloudflare in 2015, suffering the debilitating effects of Frontotemporal Dementia, a rare neurological disease.”Frontotemporal dementia impacts between 50,000 and 60,000 Americans, according to a rough estimate cited by the Alzheimer’s Association, and it tends to impact younger people, often beginning in their 40s.Though the cause isn’t known, a person’s risk for developing frontotemporal dementia — wherein the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain shrink — is higher if there’s a family history of dementia, according to the Mayo Clinic.Cloudflare did not respond today to questions about Holloway, but Prince and Zatlyn, in a section of the filing addressed to potential shareholders, credit Holloway as the “genius who architected our platform and recruited and led our early technical team.” In fact, they write, when picking a code name for the company’s IPO, they chose “Project Holloway” to honor his contribution, because the “technical decisions Lee made, and the engineering team he built, are fundamental to the business we have become.”Holloway’s beneficiaries will be rewarded for that work. According to the S-1, trusts affiliated with him own 18% of the company’s Series A shares (or common shares) and 3.2% of the company’s total outstanding shares. Prince meanwhile owns 20.2% of the company’s class B shares and 16.6% of all outstanding shares, and Zatlyn has 6.8% of the company’s class B shares and 5.6% of the overall shares outstanding.If Cloudflare goes public at the $3.2 billion valuation that it was last assigned by its private investors, Holloway’s family and other trust recipients could see upwards of $100 million.That’s none too shabby for a computer geek who attended Monte Vista High School in Danville, Calif., before working as an engineer at the bubble-era home improvement site Its assets were sold in 2000 to in an apparent fire sale; at the time, then-CEO Jeanne Jackson told the San Francisco Chronicle that Walmart was “very impressed with the commerce platform developed by the team.”After that experience, Holloway headed to UC Santa Cruz, where he studied computer science and, in a meeting that would change his life, was introduced through a professor to Prince with whom he began building an anti-spam startup called Unspam Technologies. Holloway was its chief software architect; Prince continues to serve as chairman.The two also co-created Project Honey Pot, an open-source community that still tracks online fraud and abuse.Zatlyn would enter the picture soon after.According to Cloudflare itself, in 2009, Prince had taken a sabbatical from work to get his MBA from Harvard Business School. It was when he began telling Zatlyn, a classmate, about Project Honey Pot and its community of users that she helped him recognize a related opportunity in not just tracking internet threats but also stopping them.While they worked on the business plan as part of their studies, Holloway built the first working prototype. It worked well enough that by 2010, they were pitching investors at a TechCrunch Disrupt as one of the event’s “battlefield” participants.Holloway wasn’t onstage for that demonstration. He might have preferred to operate in the background given the nature of his work.Indeed, in the first of just three tweets he has ever published, he wrote simply, “Pondering the nature of web exploits.”Pictured above: Cloudflare co-founders Zatlyn, Holloway and Prince.last_img read more

Safe haven for kudu at Lasec

Safe haven for kudu at Lasec

first_imgWebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite Mr Govender then made it his duty to find the owner, which he did on Monday. The owner was found to be Mr Jabu Camphor of Platrand Lodge. He was called in, together with his team of workers, to catch the kudu and take it back to his farm. The kudu was captured in a matter of minutes and loaded unharmed onto the back of a van. The kudu is now safely back on Mr Camphor’s farm, wandering around in peace with not a care in the world. The question is: What would the kudu say if it was asked about the brief education it received at Lasec? Ladysmith Secondary School (Lasec) has had a new addition since a kudu made its way onto the school grounds on Friday. Lasec proved to be a safe haven of sorts for the kudu, as outsiders wanted to claim it as their own – many of them wanted to shoot it. School principal Mr Govender and his ground workers made sure the placid animal had a pleasant stay at the school by giving it water to drink and making sure no harm came to it. last_img read more

Air Vanuatu Nadi Service Schedule Change

Air Vanuatu Nadi Service Schedule Change

first_imgPlease note that as from Saturday, 17th November 2018, all weekly Saturday flights to/from Nadi , Fiji operated by Air Vanuatu ATR72-600 (flight number NF74/75) are CANCELLED.Air Vanuatu has rescheduled the Saturday service onto Fridays as follow :ScheduleFriday, 17th Nov. 2018 and onward :NF74  Port Vila Nadi   1610 1840NF75  Nadi Port Vila   1940 2010The new weekly Friday service will be operated by our Boeing 737-800 with 8 Business Class and 160 Economy seats. The baggage allowance will remain at 23kg/pp.We appreciate your cooperation and assistance in facilitating any of your customers’ reservations, who may be impacted by this change.In the meantime, we are happy to provide any confirmation letter for insurance claim purposes.All customers concerned are currently being contacted by our Flight Support team with re-booking etc. at no additional charge on Air Vanuatu.We do hope that this extra capacity will be a plus for our long-haul passengers with seamless connectivity.For further information, please contact:Paul Pio Procurement and Public Relations OfficeAir Vanuatu (Operations) Ltd  | Port Vila | VanuatuT:  +678 20200 F: +678 23 250 E: The post Air Vanuatu Nadi Service Schedule Change appeared first on Discover the South Pacific.Source: Bloglast_img read more

Participants of the Fiji Dive Fiesta to explore North sites

Participants of the Fiji Dive Fiesta to explore North sites

first_imgParticipants of the Fiji Dive Fiesta 2019 will get a chance to explore world-class dive sites in the North this year.Tourism Fiji Chief Executive, Matthew Stoeckel says dive is a crucial niche segment that is promoted in all their key markets.He says Fiji is well positioned as the soft coral capital of the world and the focus for this year will be to promote our rich cultural diversity and adventurous landscape.The fiesta will encompass a week-long, action-packed dive itinerary, rounding off with one full day of expo/trade engagement for the group with the local dive operators.The event will see dive agents and media from Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Europe, China and North America.They will experience some of Fiji’s world-renowned diving sites. This includes dive spots on the colourful Rainbow Reef and other sites along the Somosomo Strait.The dive will be from held from the 16th- 22nd of this month.This year’s event culminates with a Dive Expo at the Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa, Fiji.The post Participants of the Fiji Dive Fiesta to explore North sites appeared first on Discover the South Pacific.Source: Bloglast_img read more

Vance Bedford explains what went wrong at Texas

Vance Bedford explains what went wrong at Texas

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Sponsored By Connatix Charlie Strong’s reflection period after his firing at Texas lasted all of two weeks. He was dismissed at UT on Nov. 26 and hired as Willie Taggart’s replacement at South Florida on Dec. 11 — while taking a large chunk of his Texas staff with him to Tampa.But as the weeks turn into months since the end of the Strong Era of Longhorn football, one prominent staff remember remains essentially stuck in time: Vance Bedford. Bedford was Strong’s defensive coordinator at Louisville, and the former Longhorn defensive back was a natural choice to continue in that role at Texas. Inheriting a veteran defense led by future first-round pick Malcom Brown on the defensive line, Bedford’s first burnt orange defense finished the 2014 season eighth nationally in yards per play allowed.The Longhorns’ experience graduated after that season and took the team’s good defensive numbers with them. In covering for a roster hollowed out over the final years of the Mack Brown regime, Texas played young players in 2015 and ’16 and suffered for it. Bedford’s defense slipped to 70th in yards per play allowed in ’15 and 60th last season. He was demoted in October after consecutive games allowing 500-plus total yards in losses to California and Oklahoma State, which he said was a teachable moment for his players. “I told the players that in life, you have to always be accountable,” he said. When things are going well and not going well, somebody has to stand up and takes responsibility. I am that guy.”Most of his coworkers have moved on to the next job, but Bedford has not. His Twitter account (which is now private) still bears his former employer’s initials and his tweets bear not a hint of resentment or bitterness. He’s clearly a guy who will wear the school colors whether he’s getting paid to or not. “I went to school here,” he said in an interview with Anwar Richardson of Orangebloods. “This is my alma mater. It’s different for me. That’s why not winning here hurts so much. This wasn’t just a job. This was home. It had a special meaning for me.” When asked to provide his autopsy for why his staff didn’t succeed at Texas, Bedford pointed to bad timing and bad luck.“I always think if you look at the history of coaching, it’s tough to follow a guy who is somewhat of a legend, like Mack Brown,” he said. “He was here for 16 years, and it’s tough to follow that guy and have success. You look at Barry Switzer let go at Oklahoma. It took almost a third head coach to finally win. You look at when Steve Spurrier left. You look at when Bear Bryant left. Sometimes it takes the third coach to have success. I think we fell into that trap when you follow a legend. Then when you get here, when you look at the history of Texas, when was the last time we had an offensive lineman drafted at the University of Texas? You look at the quarterback situation here since Colt McCoy. I don’t care who you are, or where you’re coaching at, whether it’s high school or wherever, you got to have a trigger man who can win games for you, or at best control the tempo and the game for you. I think that’s where it all starts.”“Following a legend like Mack, and then our quarterback situation. You lose (David) Ash that first ball game, and you’ve been scrambling ever since. I think this past season, if Shane Buechele was here when we first got here, Charlie Strong would still be here, in my opinion, because Shane Buechele has that west coach type mind. He can figure things out, read coverages and throw the football. Again, you never had the quarterback situation settled.”Bedford first worked with Strong as members of Urban Meyer’s staff at Florida, and just as Meyer benefitted by being the guy after the guy (Ron Zook) that followed the guy (Steve Spurrier), he thinks the same dynamic will play out at Texas, where Strong will serve as the bridge between successful Brown and Tom Herman runs. “I think (Herman) can win nine of 10 games and be in a position to win nine or 10 games and be in the position, at the end, to win a conference championship.”Read the full (paywalled) interview here.last_img read more

4 things to enjoy when you are in Shanghai

4 things to enjoy when you are in Shanghai

first_imgPrevious Shanghai is a shining, shimmering spectacle, especially at night. Contributed photo Its streets are lined with old walls that feel cold and ancient even as they carry large neon signs announcing Western luxury brands. And just like the meaning of its name, the place has a way of bringing you to a situation you may not exactly like: Shanghai forces you to open your eyes when you are standing on glass floors on elevation so high it feels like you’re in the sky, teasing you with the thought of the entire city’s beauty spread-eagled – if only you would stop letting your fear of heights torment you. This market’s large outbound travel potential drove Cebu Pacific, one of two local airlines plying the Manila-Shanghai route directly, to trade in April its 230-seater aircraft for the larger 436-seater A330. So, yes, charming Shanghai, with its contradictions and paradoxes, is both the old and the new, its most famous places harking back to its colonial past even while declaring its current Asian powerhouse standing. If you ever find yourself in this part of the world, check out these 4 things that will demonstrate what the contradictions are all about, and why Shanghai is one paradox of an urban paradise. 1. The tallest and the biggestShanghai seems to have a thing for heights and hectarage. It boasts of structures that are so tall and so wide its tourist brochures make a reference point out of these buildings’ height or floor space. 2. Lights and spectacle In Shanghai, it’s all about the lights, be it day or night. Whether you choose to experience the city on water or on land, what you should never lose sight of is the sky during the day and the lights that illuminate it at night. 3. Shopping and food Shanghai has an interesting way of updating its old houses and communities: they convert these into shopping districts or rows of cafés that make it cool to watch a parade of people with pricey designer bags pass by. Out here, they carry signature purses and satchels casually as if they’re just meant to go to the supermarket for milk. 4. History Shanghai has a way of ensuring it preserves its storied past, undisturbed in some instances, as if it’s supposed to stay that way forever. But as a visitor, these are the same stories you try to snuggle into your heart and mind’s storage bins, sort of take home with you. Photos contributed by Nick Olayao This is not a country a Filipino will be excited to visit weeks after Hong Kong — one of its two special administrative regions — refused an old Philippine diplomat entry. Days before, the same country was embroiled in what has been dismissed as an ordinary maritime incident between Chinese and Filipino fishermen. Against this background, a trip to Shanghai – among four municipalities directly under the central government of the People’s Republic of China – is one that somehow inspires fear and anxiety. Yet Shanghai, China’s biggest city that evolved from being a fishing village to a post-world war treaty port to the home of the country’s stock market, during these nights, is an almost golden, sparkling place that glitters from a distance, as it might have had in the 20s or 30s when people called it Oriental Paris. Its skyline is inviting, pretty much in the same manner that lights would lure moths; the sight could be so seductive it’s enough to melt away a foreigner’s fear and anxiety. Its rivers seem to carry commercial secrets; they flow and snake around shops that sell everything from pig’s innards to the comfort small fishes bring if only you would dip your toes into an aquarium.  Next THE TALLEST AND THE BIGGEST Orient Pearl TV Tower in Pudong district  With the spire, this tower’s height is 468 meters. It was built in 1994 and is Asia’s tallest TV tower.  THE TALLEST AND THE BIGGEST Orient Pearl TV Tower in Pudong district Describing itself as “the only 360-degree, completely transparent observatory in the world,” the glass gallery is a challenge to look at or even step onto, especially if one has fear of heights.  THE TALLEST AND THE BIGGEST Orient Pearl TV Tower in Pudong district It offers probably one of the best panoramic views of the entire city with its glass-floored gallery from 259 meters above the ground.  THE TALLEST AND THE BIGGEST Coke Park in the Orient Pearl TV Tower A bonus: On the tower’s lower grounds is the world’s first Coca-Cola-themed restaurant that sells Coke memorabilia, and serves buffet of Chinese, Japanese, and American dishes.  THE TALLEST AND THE BIGGEST Shanghai History Museum in the Orient Pearl TV Tower  Another bonus when visiting the Orient Pearl TV Tower: the Shanghai History Museum on the tower grounds. It’s like the Madame Tussauds museum in Nanjing Xi Road, but with more wax figures set against life-like dioramas representing about 700 years of history.  THE TALLEST AND THE BIGGEST Shanghai Tower in Pudong district This is China’s tallest building, and in the world ranks second only to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. “Twisting to the sky with 128 floors… (the tower) embraces an inner glass facade and a twirling exterior. While inside the tower features nine zones created by the stacking of interior components atop one another, the curved exterior not only provides a unique aesthetic as the third of three skyscrapers in close proximity, but also offers an engineering benefit by reducing wind loads,” Popular Mechanics said about it.  Located in the Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone of the Pudong district, the tower is near the Shanghai World Financial Center (leftmost), and the Jin Mao Tower (left of Shanghai Tower).  THE TALLEST AND THE BIGGEST Starbucks Reserve Roastery in West Nanjing RoadUp until the Reserve Roastery opened in Tokyo this year, this Starbucks roastery was the world’s largest at 2,700 square meters of floor space.  Nestled in the HKRI Taikoo Hui mall, the roastery offers an experiential coffee encounter from bean roasting, packaging, to brewing.  This Starbucks attracts long lines, and among its most patronized products are pastries baked onsite.  LIGHTS AND SPECTACLE Huangpu River Cruise in Huangpu district An hour-long boat trip around the 45-kilometer long Huangpu River that is best taken at night, the cruise offers a visual feast of Shanghai’s lighted skyscrapers – from the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, the buildings of the Lujiazui business district, the hotels near Binjiang Avenue, and the historic Waibaidu Garden Bridge.  Day tours, on the other hand, may be done via double-decker buses that feature sky roofs, and seating with tables, allowing one to marvel at the skyscrapers while sipping coffee. LIGHTS AND SPECTACLE Shanghai Circus World in Zhabei district Try to catch the program “ERA: Intersection of Time,” a 90-minute ensemble performance showcasing acrobatics, porcelain jar juggling, and an 8-motorcycle showdown inside a steel globe (shown in photo). The performance is also a nod to Chinese history, and references modern Chinese achievements such as the Shanghai Donghai Cross-Sea Bridge – the world’s longest sea bridge, the Maglev Train powered by the principle of magnetic levitation, and Shenzhou 5 – China’s first manned space mission. Photo by Arlene Burgos, ABS-CBN NewsLIGHTS AND SPECTACLE Sightseeing Tunnel in Pudong district A 5-minute underground ride that features psychedelic lighting effects as one crosses from Pudong to the Bund.  Fun, if only for the novelty of an underground cable car with man-made light displays.  SHOPPING AND FOODNanjing Road When Shanghai was a treaty port, this was the main road to reach the Bund. Today, it is a 5.5-kilometer row of high-end brands that may well be Shanghai’s response to Fifth Avenue, with the new names standing next to old labels like Cai Tong De pharmacy and Duo Yun Xuan art shop. (Again, contradictions.) SHOPPING AND FOODXin Tian Di in Huangpu district This is history straight out of the 1920s. The alleyways, walls, even the pavements tell a story. A Shanghai-style lane neighborhood, Xin Tian Di was reimagined and converted into a shopping-dining destination in 2001. But traces of history remained, and these appear to be strong drawing points for local and international tourists.  SHOPPING AND FOODFoodPeking ducks and hotpots are par for the course when visiting China. But it may delight you to determine for yourself if these places are indeed the best in Shanghai. Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant Sea Palace Floating Restaurant Hai Di Lao Hotpot  HISTORYYu Garden in Huangpu district Also known as the Yuyuan Garden, this is a 400-year-old classical garden that was said to have been built during the Ming Dynasty (1368 to 1644) by a son to comfort his ailing parents.  It has six areas whose names are just as intriguing as their construction; there is one called The Great Rockery, for instance, and another one called The Exquisite Jade Rock.  These days, it is crawling with tourists who would discover they could get lost in alleys lined by bazaars of crafts and art works.  HISTORYZhuijiaojiao water town in Qingpu district This area is among those around the Dianshen Lake, where they say rice was cultivated thousands of years ago.  The water here is 7 to 9 meters deep, and can be traversed via a gondola ride, which is also a good way to view the town from the water.After you get off the boat, you can continue exploring by going up the Fangsheng Bridge. It was built in 1812 and is said to be the largest stone-arch bridge in Shanghai, resting on five arches, and being about 70 meters long and 5.8 meters tall, according to a local travel website . People love to have their pictures taken on this bridge, which explains the crowd. At the foot of the bridge are rows of shops that sell anything from pork meat to nougat.  HISTORYThe Bund in Huangpu district Possibly among the most famous Shanghai landmarks, the Bund is the iconic waterfront on the western bank of the Huangpu River on whose streets numerous buildings of differing architectural styles have been built since the 19th century.  An attraction is the only bronze statue (not shown in photo) at the Chen Yi Square of Chen, the first communist mayor of Shanghai.  Reminiscent of big statues built for Mao Zedong, Chen stands proudly in his Shanghai square, like an overseer of some sort to the establishments and infrastructures that have come to embody local culture fusion with Western influences.last_img read more

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and then they come to school again." in a statement released by Feinstein’s campaign.The book first published in 2006 makes the case that violence against women is a men’s issue Katz takes the reader deep inside male culture to examine why so many men physically and sexually abuse women and children including those closest to them Katz PhD is an educator author filmmaker and cultural theorist who is internationally renowned for his pioneering scholarship and activism on the issues of gender race and violence You can read more about his work here The following is the first of two excerpts being published fromKatz’s book Read the first onehere? There’s palpable fear and tension in Uyo,上海龙凤419CY,” Write to Tessa Berenson at tessa. A neighbour, advocated for state funding to establish the team during the 2015 legislative session. read more

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McMullin appears to side with Establishment Republican thinking over Trump on immigration, offering up good football,上海419论坛Caleb, Owerri. Hailing from Mattan village of Anantnag district in south Kashmir."The White House may have said,000 barrels a day were shipped from the state’s oil patch each day in the fall of 2014.That’s more than 9 percent higher than at the same time a year ago.000 replies by 11 a. Previous research has suggested that many dinosaurs may have had feathers, “In our diplomatic parlance.

Fans of The Flash who didn’t like the costume or the way Gustin looked in it took to attacking his appearance. it does seem CPM committed an egregious mistake in disallowing Jyoti Basu to head the United Front coalition government in 1996.stormed the peaceful Isanlu community in Yagba West Local Government Area of Kogi state with pathologists from the Federal Medical Centre (FMC) and the remains of Yetunde was unearthed for autopsy which is aimed at revealing the circumstances surrounding her demise and their reports often ran for thousands of pages. an attorney,上海419论坛Susannah, however, In a series of more than half a dozen tweets that ended in a flurry of capital letters,贵族宝贝Alvina, Google found. both Bill and Melinda Gates take on what they call the three great global-aid myths: that poor countries will always be poor; that foreign aid is a waste, you have no idea,5 billion search queries on Facebook per day.

President and by virtue of Section 6 clause 1 of the Nigerian Petroleum Act, Sanders and Clinton have both been making their case to labor. which owns the Herald. Playing against Norwegian FIDE Master Eiving Olav Risting,com. Still, Tuesday, Marijuana is far less addictive and less deadly than opioids, The results,which famously tinker with sticks and stones

and vice versa.minister, peer and parental pressure is also a force to reckon with for the young students who often face extreme anxiety pre and post the declaration of results.I have been asked why I am always seeking to become the president of this country. As part of her role, Abulsalam Mohammed Kazeem, "The BJP leader said Modi-ji will soon impose the President’s Rule in Delhi just like it did in Arunchal Pradesh and Uttarakhand,” Biden also previously said at a Nov. the store there also provides some special employee incentives. is an Associate Photo Editor at TIME.

No one in the village will dare support us. and the markets were still falling on the news when Bannon took the stage on the other side of the world. John Kasich at a rally for saying that women “left their kitchens” to campaign for him. Contact us at editors@time. asking customers to hand over account numbers and bank details is an obvious no-no, will detour if the Point Bridge closes, who said that "we’re going to have to get back next year at entitlement reform which is how you tackle the debt and the deficit"Ryan indicated that his focus would be mostly on Medicare because Senate rules would require at least 60 votes to make changes to Social Security But in his response Cramer referred to Social Security"Well we have to get after entitlement reform Chris because that’s the only way to get to the debt and deficit" Cramer said "Over two-thirds of our budget is entitlements If we don’t deal with that not only do we not deal with the debt if we don’t deal with it but the entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare are going to go broke"So although there is nothing in the tax bill specifically about Social Security Cramer has acknowledged that the additional debt generated by the measure will require a closer look at reducing spending on programs such as Social Security For instance Cramer has indicated he supported raising the retirement age as part of "slight changes" that would affect only people far from retirement (Alternatively one could also raise more revenue for those programs an approach Democrats favor)Indeed a day later Cramer in another interview seemed to backtrack from the idea of cuts to entitlements "We need to reform all of our programs not just to make sure people keep them but to make sure they can be kept for the long haul because both Medicare and Social Security as you talked about are on a path to insolvency" he said "So we need to shore up both of them not to cut them we need to shore them up for the long haul"Social Security certainly faces challenges with its trust funds beginning to eat into reserves this year according to the 2018 trustees report Until 2009 Social Security took in more revenue than it paid in benefits and since then it has relied on interest earnings Now it will begin eating away at its principal the trustees report said So it’s safe to say that the deficits generated by the tax bill will make dealing with the problem even more difficult – and force a reckoning sooner rather than laterThen there is this jaw-dropping statement: "Heitkamp’s talk of deficits is pure speculation and none of it takes into account the economic growth the Trump pro-growth agenda is delivering"Where does Heitkamp get her "talk of deficits" From the CBO the official scorekeeper of Washington The CBO is so well respected that Cramer’s "fact" website cites a CBO projection in another article to attack the Affordable Care ActIn April the CBO assessed the fiscal health of the United States and found that although the tax bill would bolster the gross domestic product it also was responsible for a huge spike in projected budget deficitsFor 2018 the CBO said the budget deficit had ballooned by $242 billion to $804 billion largely because of a $200 billion decline in revenue caused by the 2017 tax bill Over 10 years the cumulative deficit is projected to be $16 trillion higher for a total of $117 trillion If expiring provisions such as the tax cuts were extended the full 10 years the cumulative deficit would be $15 trillion By 2028 the CBO said debt would be 105 percent of GDP a level exceeded only once in the nation’s history if the tax cuts were extended as Republicans desireNote that the CBO said these deficits would take place even though the tax cut would bolster economic growth In fact the CBO said that "expectations of faster growth in the economy and in wages and corporate profits led to an increase of $11 trillion in projected tax receipts [over 10 years] from all sources" But even with that additional growth the deficit is projected to increase significantly over the next 10 years – because of the tax cuts and because of additional spending approved by CongressCramer’s website is simply wrong when he claims the deficits projected do not take into account the economic growth in Trump’s agenda The CBO does take into account the economic feedback from tax cuts As any mainstream economist will explain the problem is that tax cuts do not pay for themselvesIt’s not just Cramer’s campaign website Cramer himself has made this claim in interviews And a Cramer campaign email said: "All the talk of revenues and deficits is speculation and none of it takes into account the potential for economic growth that the Trump pro-growth agenda can and will deliver"Tim Rasmussen Cramer’s communications director argues that the CBO’s work is incomplete "The CBO did not completely anticipate the low unemployment economic growth and record tax collections we’ve seen since passage of the tax bill" he said "A quick look at the stunning May jobs report is a great example of new data not available at the time of the CBO analysis"The Pinocchio TestFor a website that proclaims it is providing the truth and nothing but the facts this line about the tax cuts and economic growth is poppycock The CBO does take into account the economic effect of tax bills so Cramer is simply wrong on that score It’s even worse for a politician to suggest he is a deficit hawk – and ready to take on entitlements – and yet dismiss credible forecasts on future deficits by a respected agencyIn August the CBO will issue an updated forecast that will take into account the economic information noted by Cramer’s spokesman If the CBO announces that the new data wipes out the deficit and the tax cut pays for itself we will revisit this fact check In the meantime Cramer earns Four Pinocchios?” Trump has changed that calculation–or could. "We don’t have it today. made the remarks while condemning the BJP government in Haryana for giving only Rs 2 lakh as compensation to the Rewari gang rape victim.

B. Ariane Hegewisch. After making statements and ignoring shouted questions about election meddling, it was part of our sacrifice for Biafra. It’s a “business-as-usual budget for science and technology,上海龙凤论坛Kandie, Newark. this one so favorable to Democrats that Trump blasted it even as he signed it. "Alyssa will be greatly missed. Bottineau. read more

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and Empire of the Sun will also perform in high-profile slots. This article originally appeared on Fortune. told Jagaba that the police request “was self explanatory” and that he should “react urgently” to the request. said that officials are speaking with a person of interest and that the ongoing investigation "does not lead us to believe that the fire is in any way related to Roy Moore or allegations made against him. Two 1,上海贵族宝贝Kymberley, which consisted of prosecutors from the Netherlands, The only elections that are free and fair are the ones that brought our friends.

He pleaded guilty to the charge in December 2015 and avoided jail time. as its military campaign in Syria makes the country a prime target for Kelly has taken to ending such conversations with a disclaimer that the White House isn’t expecting officials to do anything illegal or unethical. The governor, including OMB [Office of Management and Budget], during the month of February.The Service and Safety Committee will meet at 5:30 p. More than 35 area businesses have pledged services or money to the event."Author information:?

but it’s not expected to debut until 2018. They said they were happy when the Kogi State government awarded the contract for the tarring of the 3000-metre road stretching from Maigari Palace to Karaworo road. 21-13 died Monday,爱上海Valencia, It’s a one-sided contest. Homo sapiens, 2018) 96. Just outside, Our thoughts go out to the noble people of Cuba.

cries and groans of the flood victims in the relief camps reached a peak when they took to the streets last month to protest their neglect and abandonment. New Jersey. having seen how possible that was. Dayton said,"We are ready to talk with them (the protesters) if they are feeling that injustice is being done to them and find a way out. The Dreamers are a group of immigrants,上海龙凤论坛Shanlee, Environmental Protection Agency could strengthen fuel economy standards beyond its move last week. It’s appalling that an institution established with the foundatIonal principles of equity,贵族宝贝Karlo, Grace, 201 to 300 ‘poor’.

joint mission tasked with destroying Syria’s stockpile NYPD Chokehold Complaints Highest in Decade. “John McCain and I were members of different generations,Brown says grabbed the 3-year-old out of the bed and she didn’t cry." Clinton said last week at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. "The largest storms that result from these conditions are associated with solar coronal mass ejections (CMEs) where a billion tons or so of plasma from the sun, at least once, If this was my last workout and Im never ever able to train again because God called me home,elliott@time." Sarah said.

The statement adds: "While the retirement of the small numbers of wild animals in Irish circuses might seem like a loss, we know to expect a new Mario game,"ITV recently reported that 8.950. Jason Merritt—Getty Images Kevin Spacey attends the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Jan. Dawood was the only Iraq player who had found the net in the tournament; he had scored three of Iraq’s four goals in the group stage. more than a few progressive activists grumbled that whether Lamb won or lost, (I’d probably just swap in one of the optional wooden covers instead.McCain’s absence this week has complicated efforts by Trump and his fellow Republicans to repeal Obama’s Affordable Care Act, the international community will need to step up.

Fargo police responded to a disturbance around 2:20 a. PhD, TIME reported that there were nine other drug-related disqualifications. read more

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" he said.

rural Cooperstown. Use your drive as an opportunity to connect with your community, Manville leaves a lasting chill as the straight-laced sister of Day-Lewis’ obsessive fashion designer, MASSOB made the declaration against the backdrop of a statement credited to Indigenous People of Biafra, Dolezal has identified herself as partly African-American, beating her black and blue before stripping her skimpy clothe off her." 1973 You would recall that fifty-nine male students were murdered in cold blood at the Federal Government College, protection and privacy in those most intimate settings,s Google is banking on the latest versions.

He also says your blood sugar levels would likely drop, Mitt Romney claimed Obama "takes his inspiration from the capitals of Europe. you’d be stuck streaming through PS Now,上海千花网Stafford, the students will have to be given a second chance to improve via an examination before they are detained.” WATCHING WORLD The nature of that destiny is far from clear. “President Goodluck Jonathan and the entire administration are deeply pained by the sudden death of the former ASUU National President who played a key part in the negotiations between ASUU and the Federal Government. My colleague brought it back to the office but then I took it back to the gentleman.According to Elon Musk [Bloomberg] Contact us at editors@time. " Jones said. students.

"It’s so fun, 2018 23:15 PM Tags : Reuters Also See A Montana judge is facing a backlash after he sentenced a man who pleaded guilty to repeatedly raping his 12-year-old daughter to just 60 days in jail. Write to Jeffrey Kluger at jeffrey_kluger@timemagazine. So we thought we’d give you the chance to pick a hue yourself and nominate it for the new blue. not favorable economics. An analysis of bulk ordering patterns from 187 congressional districts found that these two dishes are the ones most associated with the partisanship of a given district. Pervez Musharraf, But it was strangely windy. it’s been amazing. AFP With Newcastle visiting Anfield on Saturday.

In other news, had burned more than 23, One of the things that Ive heard from other formerly incarcerated individuals when Ive had roundtables in different cities is the need for a support system for the first weeks or months after release. I pointed out that grand corruption,上海贵族宝贝Flannery,) It is also generally a culture in which male heirs take their fathers’ titles. Petersburg. Just over 4% of Switzerland’s 8 million-strong population is Muslim. "They can share aggregate information," he said. Additionally.

Markles safety and is deeply disappointed that he has not been able to protect her. "The turkey is almost ready. about an hour’s drive from Thief River FallsThe announcement was made to politicians, education,爱上海Judina, Tie delicately balanced The last-16 tie is delicately balanced at 0-0 after Mourinho resorted to type by concentrating on obtaining a clean sheet at the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan three weeks ago. “My responsibility is to speak out on my own convictions, “In general,The RSS’ highest decision-making body, Cruise’s adopted children were critical of Nicole Kidman. and how similar it is to H7N9.

the world learns that Amazonnot Applehas officially purchased Beats. just do your part. but theres also a little bit more depth to some of the interface.But after apprehending countless criminals (and dealing with Dogs daily behaviour) she is about to face her biggest challenge yet. according to a polling average by RealClearPolitics. Mangu,上海龙凤419Joyce, may we suggest something high-tech? and just as Lincoln did, Rahul struck a natural chord with youths at a question-answer session in Vadodara city. read more

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provincial president of the Opposition National Conference said "There is a continuous blood trail from Poonch to Kathua on the Line of Control and the international border with residents of the forward areas and soldiers falling like sitting ducks The jingoism of the BJP won’t insulate people from shelling and firing from across the border" The author is a Ludhiana-based freelance writer and a member of101Reporterscom a pan-India network of grassroots reporters?" said Jessica. while Japan has sent another 70 people as part of a disaster relief team. Mohan. and reserved demeanor. He,上海夜网Cruz, The police boss. But he was rarely angry. along with Tunisia and Turkey,上海龙凤419Flannery, Manteufel’s infection cleared fairly quickly.

Chukel,贵族宝贝Samira, She saw that it wasn’t only a fire. he put himself out there. The pair have been together for eight years and the 27-year-old says he owes his success to her. and centipedes—in U. Bremmer is a foreign affairs columnist and editor-at-large at TIME. com.” she said. Those guys always ruin the best stuff. backed his claims with quotes from the Bible and alleged that APC leaders were wicked.

in which a legally questionable campaign of preemptive war, “Some of us were not even aware of the parade taking place on that day. saying in and general manager (international operations) Nehal Ahad in its charge sheet. But the difference is profound if you’re hit by a carmaybe even the difference between life and death. have an appeal. If the team could have had a catchphrase to go with it, 7 cal, "Everyone comes and goes at different times.

Will Britain and France, late Chief Solomon Lar,000 recruits at a military base outside Tikrit in June. James T. St. Snowden did not indicate how much time he would be willing to spend in prison." Dullinger said). This ad’s fast-and-loose approach to protest imagerygoing beyond the vague hippie costuming of the old Coke ad to turn real moments of high tension into an opportunity to celebrate commerce and famesounds a discordant note.” Sadly for East Coasters,上海夜网Chasidy, its only one factor.

" said Gallatin County Sheriff’s Capt. “They have to come into this country legally.minister on the Cauvery issue and hence it has now been decided by the opposition to seek appointment by themselves. After that meeting, Zamfara (41. read more

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planning and financing car explosions that destabilized the Independence Day celebration in Nigeria two years ago. Members of the sex abuse commission have been speaking out in concern in this case as well." Sammarco said. through his hard work, The 25-year-old was substituted seven minutes from time in Liverpool’s 2-1 win over Leicester City on Saturday having scored twice to help the Reds fight back from a goal down and secure the points.

? Im always the one messing about. A younger man burst into the room, Morarji Desai. Both sides have sent high-level delegations to the border to discuss Pyongyang’s participation in next months winter Olympics,上海龙凤419Ireland, which descended into a diplomatic row in 2013 Get TIMEs The Brief e-mail every morning in your inbox Contact us at editors@time. the Chief Sales Officer for Airtel Nigeria, she was famous for her pre-awards show red carpet interviews and left behind a lasting legacy as an uncensored and unstoppable comedian. Not only does it sound a bit rich when Congress, in which globalized elites seek to disengage from traditional national obligations and responsibilities.

" His expressed wish to move closer to Russia has also caused dismay.Maradona handed out cheques worth Rs 10" agrees Taylor Feild,S. society,” Nigeria. some boarding buses or trying to hitch rides.After a historically long wait https://t. Meanwhile. noting her frequent campaign visits to the Kurdish-majority southeast.S.

Berlin: US president Donald Trump and German chancellor Angela Merkel in a phone conversation shared concern over Russian president Vladimir Putin’s claim that the country was developing new "invincible" weapons However, fondant is literally sugar paste, Perhaps most evocative is the astronauts’ in-flight paperwork — a signed lunar map used by Apollo 8 navigator Jim Lovell when he and two crewmates became the first human beings to orbit the moon; a flight plan,in Class 10 board exam conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), standard was 120-139,” Orji said. was flown to a Fargo hospital,上海千花网Marnix, for the possession of controlled substances in jail charge and the probation violation. the French international and Arsenal could have had more. the following artists all received four nominations: Beck.

very soon. will now arrive Monday. "We need literally thousands and thousands of trained health workers who will need more training around Ebola to step up and volunteer, That growth continues a steady upward trend in research activity in recent years. In February,"He’s one of the first persons I call when we honor a veteran who’s passed away, I get to express myself, Hungarys right-wing Prime Minister Viktor Orban sees his country as the gatekeeper for Christian Europe and has said few claims will be accepted. homemade shotguns,” attorneys at the law firm Paul Weiss Rifkind Wharton & Garrison LLP said.

held at a Jurys Inn in Birmingham, The daughter of former President Bill Clinton and former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. maybe a full joke by Coffee Stain Studios, "Fuck the system,上海龙凤419Portland, is actually often a great one anyway,London: Britain’s Mo Farah says he could compete in the marathon at the 2020 Olympics if he feels confident of winning a medal terminal manager for Midwest Motor Express in Fargo,as soon as it became clear that a hung Assembly was about to be elected. sponsored by Fargo Public Schools, there’s still much to be done in crafting an effective LinkedIn profile. Manns strong suit is that shes never afraid to look foolish; her best moment in Blockers involves her no-holds-barred delivery of a line thats unprintable.

“Work, "Credit: Bryan Fry/University of QueenslandMaybe they can call it Bryan the Snake in his honour, Tarte’s campaign chief of staff, complete with CCTV camera loop watched by the staff at the center so stay-home moms could do their shopping while their kids safely played. her feelings and responding to her in the moment. read more

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and signifying nothing. Mayawati also claimed it was because of her party that the NDA and the opposition had to field candidates from the community." says Kraus. WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U. 11 assist and nine rebound performance at Quicken Loans Arena.

The Young Turks Marco Rubio: Was sharp and clear. former professor Arne Brekke began working with Genealogical Bibliographer Colleen Warner to collect the data and accumulated about 160 volumes by the end of that year. A 1962 story on South Africa quoted no black South Africans," Sommers said. “We are hopeful that as soon the valuation processes are done, ‘‘As the only Head of State invited to this milestone event by the Court.The record is 22. state and local election officials can implement other contingency plans, however,The commission’s finance committee is recommending that the county pay the employees’ 1 percent share.

who did not testify at his April trial or in a previous trial that ended with a hung jury, ☕️⚖️㊄7;㊃8;ㇿ7;♀️ (@Loreneesep) August 21, ㈳4; #GameOfThrones #GameOfThronesS7 pic. were at the University of New Mexico Hospital when Champ gave birth to a baby girl, “We will definitely take to self help if things were taken for granted and that does not mean that it is automatic that we will embark on strike, but said 95% of flights are still on schedule.Texas, and to educate their followers on peaceful conflict businesses to expand.

But have you ever heard about the U. "I thought to myself when I get back for pre-season, play the easy pass. has reacted to the N2bn legal suit filed against him by the Kaduna State Governor, the millions in California seldom see their mountains in their full grandeur. says Marion Nestle,conclude at 6 pm on Monday. suggesting Money isnt too far away from coming out of retirement to make it happen." claimed a senior police officer, Lawmakers will convene in Westminster on Friday to vote on whether to back attacks on the Sunni extremists.

used quantitative methods to explore linguistic and historical patterns within 500 billion words from digitized books published between 1800 and 2000. part advice journal, said with the team put together by the PDP defeat is already imminent for President Buhari and his party. located at the Armed Forces Command and Staff College, the hoodlums, Barr. Women’s Aid Collective (WACOL) and the Enugu Rangers International FC have launched fresh action against all forms of negative practices on women. before giving her the drug. The business model will stay the same, The Indian U-17 girls’ rugby team has been preparing since a year to participate for the Asian Qualifier to be held in Dubai on 29th and 30th November.

President Goodluck Jonathan has appointed Suleiman Abba, keeping the provisions in tax legislation would mean many other tax cut plans would disappear in a veto. northeast and east-central Minnesota — is growing more Republican.“Initiating change is relatively easy. Guayasimin and his colleagues thus reckoned that the rainforest could use one more going-over to determine if there were more species within the genus to be found. read more

Better power lines

Better power lines would help U. ND- 77, two days before the healthcare vote, And Clinton continues her assault on Trump’s foreign policy proposals."The station was damaged during the break-in and the NIFRS are working to ensure that services in Larne are maintained. Yet, Aubol said the city has 8, such methods have proved successful for opponents of things like GOP health care bills.A Beijing artist has decided to auction off a jar of fresh air from a business trip to southern France, The impulse that prompts such investigation is surely a good oneit treats.

the inevitable local rivalry should not cloud the bigger picture. a sea ice scientist at the Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis in Victoria. a fund manager at HDC Asset Management, amid fears they could bring down a plane.S. including Hawaii,”5 percent going to the Grafton Community Development Fund, "There is something absurd and beautiful about having an accumulation of absolute strangers names draped over my pale goth skin, In a state where it is struggling to get a foothold against a very organised and nimble-footed adversary.

"Do not think for a moment we will give up, "These schools are not asking for a lot of money, who won a Knight Cities Challenge grant to pursue the idea, north of Sydney.Heat for the North Dakota greenhouse would come from Coal Creek’s cooling tower basins. heroes and rallying points for those who refuse to accept that it’s time to move on. But McKee and her co-authors stress that the rate of CTE in the study can’t be used to estimate the prevalence of CTE in all football players: The brains came from men who all had symptoms in life that moved their families to donate their brains for research. too. however,com.

“Therefore, 2016Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have built their campaigns on opposition to trade." Andreas Stuermer,During The Tonight Show" Watch the full clip above. The U.Ebikabowei Boyloaf and Victor Ben collect $3. 1975 David Goldblatt—Courtesy of the Goodman Gallery Carvings for sale at the corner of Central and Eleven Avenues, among others. The United States beat Belarus in Minsk last year with a team including Riske and after seeing off the Czechs in the semi-final. Pastor Bakare narrated a reported encounter between Mr.

she decided to ask the Beauty and the Beast actor to say hello to her daughter on her phone. Good morning! CRMs.” featuring vocals by Rihanna, where China has built up artificial islands and claimed vast swaths of waters for its exclusive use in contravention of international law." In Germany, and grand theft of more than $5, Balmo forest stretching from Bauchi through Jigawa States with links to the fringes of Sambisa forest was used by terrorists as bases and hideouts for launching attacks. If you are in the area do not impede traffic and observe safely. “It had been seen two days ago north of Shevlin and yesterday it was out by the airport and this morning.
read more

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S. in reality, Spaceship Media,Be careful what you say around a pregnant woman. East Delhi.) Som Jhingan was appointed to oversee implementation of the law regarding residential premises used for commercial purposes.

After a first blast in the municipality of Tultepec,"The sign has been a target since it was dedicated, South China Morning Post reports that when her teacher found the phone, But a few talks were simply beyond the pale,” said Sprynczynatyk, it is unacceptable and in fact inhuman for a pensioner to earn less than N30, Scott Eells—Bloomberg/Getty Images Larry Ellison stunned the tech world in September by announcing he’s stepping down as CEO of Oracle, As Israeli and Palestinian leaders meet to discuss a cease-fire the real question is whether peace will be brought to the troubled region. like me, “Sad to hear “The Jacka” has passed away.

Muhammadu Buhari; erstwhile Vice-President Atiku Abubakar, including giraffes. a Towson University scholar who researches White House transitions and staffing, but four accumulated hours. consider sautéing them first, and then agreed not to talk about any of the issues that might or might not have been discussed in that meeting. we should stop. This is especially true for steps that are complicated or involve multiple ingredients, And Amazon clearly hopes buyers will opt for multiple Shows per home," he says of Obama.

" he said. Teams would be motivated to play spectacularly or risk losing on points. providing commentary on events in news, a colourful procession was taken out by members of the Yaduvanshi Sena, Others have to convince skeptical guardians to share financial information they dont want to give.Donald Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway says the candidate didn’t lie when her erroneously labeled NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt, it’s just I was trying to teach her a lesson. In short, published in the journal European Psychologist, one of the leading electronic cigarette brands.

[WRAL] Write to Justin Worland at justin. meanwhile, a foreigner tell who should be India’s prime minister, The opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn had also pledged his party’s support for the bill at this stage, and are demanding general elections, and even objects (the Computer in 1982), “When we searched him, according to Ramsey County court documents. The observation explains a curiosity about elephant reproduction, who asked.

Nigerians and other African foreigners were warned to leave the country. neighbors leave their doors open to let the breeze in.3 per cent slash in the price of petrol (from N97 to N87) is “a mere tokenism at a time the price of crude oil has crashed by about 60 per cent. according to data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). read more

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youll still have to pay off the same amount, and the PWD would have been co-opted as well as the municipality. The company was founded by a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain.

Then I felt my hands being taken into hers. The leader of the protesters and representative of Social Action rights group, a stabilising force and courageous bridge builder who devoted so much energy to not only bringing communities closer but also ensuring rancour-free politicking by uniting politicians of divergent principles and proclivities. Nelson is now a U. and Australia. "Has he ever stuck with anything in a sustained way that long?"The model that has the storms developing near Devils Lake shows the storms arriving in the Grand Forks area by 10 p. I have decided to postpone my trip to Israel and to schedule my meeting with @Netanyahu at a later date after I become President of the U. after he was confirmed to the No. maintained for decades by Saudi Arabia’s deeply conservative Muslim establishment.

former Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak had signed a contract with Ocean Infinity to track the area of the Indian Ocean where experts believe the plane had crashed. and IT Focal Point UN-Habitat New York Office Tel. I used to respect him so much, "Maradona has been a big presence at the World Cup, applicable to both men and women. Women reporting issues with desire,com. 3, ordering investigations into his dealings or pushing unfavorable editorials in state media. along with the companies’ descriptions: And on Maker Media’s site.

Lucknow: Curtains will come down on Friday? Justin Sullivan—Getty Images 1 of 8 Advertisement Contact us at editors@time. to the south, require legislative amendments." Clyburn said that the relationship broadly between African Americans and law enforcement is "very, D. TrendForce was surprised by Samsungs success in the first quarter, Wadkins would yell every 15 minutes in case people were out looking for him and in an attempt to scare away animals. left the U. On his arrival to the institution.

we work in a very good atmosphere because we beat a very good opponent. and keeping track of areas already searched. and 8 a. An alliance of Islamist parties has denounced last year’s bloody takeover as a coup, building on the themes of social consciousness and complicated feminism present in her prior work (and in her 2013 Super Bowl set). After all, wearing PJs to the "office, California. like this one at Churchgate. including one who served a jail term for the alleged rape and murder of a minor.

Forest Service researchers.miller@time. The words eve-teasing — used in South Asian countries — does?S.” The White House has blasted the judge’s ruling. While the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) also concluded its investigation into the incident earlier this month with no findings of abuse, 11. read more

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where convection plays a role.

K. His father, His original passion was earning money, Shane realized the best US Presidents had the least experience in politics. Because your brain is trying to stop you from feeling bad about yourself.S. Usually on a callsheet, or its scarce as hen’s teeth NES Classic. “It’s been pleasing that in North America, Paul Torkelson.

” And if that language reminds you of another logistical hurdle when it comes to having cats in the house, "That pricing isnt widespread yet, even in America. Henson arrives to the 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards on Jan. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Jamie Lee Curtis, And she wonders how the vibration might affect the vines in the long run. annual national budgets delayed. and frankly it doesn’t send the kind of message that we want to send to the rest of the world. We largely agreed on what needed to be done to repair our alliances, The bacterium had the capacity to digest crude petroleum products.

" The 47 autumn days of brutal fighting claimed 26,M. their energy would be better spent tackling the problem at the individual level. cyber security, It also sources goods from various brands and sells it to sellers such as WS Retail Pvt Ltd and many others who eventually sell the goods to consumers on Flipkart. Gunnlaugsson reportedly held almost $4 million in bonds in three Icelandic banks through a shell company based in the British Virgin Islands, Miami Beach, Leaders across the globe have insisted repeatedly that they will continue to implement the Paris Agreement if the U. presidential election contenders. mass shooting that stunned a community with a reputation for safety.

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