News in brief: QPR youngster’s loan deal, Blues U21s draw, Chelsea Ladies signing

first_imgMidfielder Baker featured in the gameChelsea Under-21sIzzy Brown grabbed an 89th-minute equaliser as the young Blues drew 1-1 with Borussia Moenchengladbach in the Premier League International Cup.The 17-year-old nodded in after seeing his first shot saved by visiting keeper Niklas Bolten to secure a point, cancelling out Mario Rodriguez’ opener. Andreas Christensen, John Swift and Lewis Baker all played 90 minutes, while Nathan Ake got an hour and Ruben Loftus-Cheek played the first half.Chelsea LadiesRepublic of Ireland international defender Niamh Fahey has joined the club from Arsenal. The 27-year-old is the Blues’ third close-season signing, following the arrivals of winger Gemma Davison and midfielder Millie Bright. Fahey has more than 50 Ireland caps to her name and was part of the Arsenal side that won the FA Women’s Cup last season and the treble-winning team of 2008.Capital One CupThe dates for Chelsea’s semi-final with Liverpool have been confirmed. The first leg at Anfield will be played on Tuesday 20 January, with the return match at Stamford Bridge the following Tuesday. Both matches are 7.45pm kick-offs.QPRThe home games with Tottenham and Arsenal later in the season have been pushed back by 24 hours. Spurs’ visit to Loftus Road is now on Sunday 1 March, with a 2.05pm kick-off. However, if Tottenham are in the Capital One Cup final that day, the match will be rescheduled again. Rangers’ home game against Arsenal, originally set for Tuesday 3 March, has been moved to the following night.Cole KpekawaQPR’s teenage defender has extended his loan at Colchester United for another month. The 18-year-old has featured four times for the League One side since joining last month and will remain with them until 24 January.BrentfordAcademy teenager Josh Bohui has been called up for an England Under-16 training camp next month. Bohui will be with the national squad from Tuesday 6 January to Thursday 8 January. He is the second Bees academy player to get England recognition this season after Harry Francis was called up for an England Under-15s training camp.Eoin MorganThe Middlesex limited-overs captain will lead England at next year’s World Cup after Alastair Cook was removed as one-day skipper. Morgan is England vice-captain and stood in during the fourth one-day international in Sri Lanka this month, after Cook was suspended for a slow over rate. The 28-year-old’s first duties as captain will be the tri-series against Australia and India, before the World Cup begins in February.Martin GouldThe Pinner snooker star has qualified for February’s German Masters after beating Scotland’s Ross Muir. World number 27 Gould shared the first two frames with Muir, ranked 73 places below him, but motored away to win the match 5-1, including breaks of 73 and 64.HarlequinsDetails of rounds five and six of the European Rugby Champions Cup have been confirmed. Quins will host Wasps on 17 January, with a 7.45pm kick-off, and then travel to Castres Olympique on 24 January, 1pm kick-off UK time.Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

Photo: Earthrise 2007

first_imgThe Japanese Kaguya spacecraft has taken a series of “Earthrise” photos from lunar orbit, including this sequence.  The complete set of new hi-resolution photos is available at Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency.  (Due to the orbital path of the spacecraft, Antarctica is at the top.)    “Earth-rise is a phenomenon seen only from satellites that travel around the Moon, such as the KAGUYA and the Apollo space ship,” the caption explained.  “The Earth-rise cannot be observed by a person who is on the Moon as they can always see the Earth at the same position.”    The first set of Earthrise images in December 1968 from Apollo 8 had a dramatic impact on the inhabitants of Spaceship Earth.  Borman, Lovell and Anders called it their Christmas present to the inhabitants of the “good Earth” as they celebrated by reading the opening verses from Genesis (see NASA article).  The recent movie In the Shadow of the Moon retold the story (see CNN).    As an encore, ESA’s Rosetta Spacecraft zipped by Earth yesterday and took some stunning images of our planet from the night side.  Rosetta is on a long flight itinerary to land on a comet in 2014.  Viewers may want to compare these Blue Planet images with the latest from the Red Planet taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.    This time, perhaps, these new Earthrise images can be thought of as another holiday gift to Spaceship Earth: a symbolic cornucopia for Thanksgiving.Who could not be thankful at the sight of such a perfect blue sphere out there, loaded with life and beauty?  The contrast with the lifeless and sterile moon makes the scene all the more thought-provoking.  What poetry or Scripture would come to mind as you look at these stunning images?  What deep questions about the universe, Earth, life, humanity, politics, ethics, meaning and destiny arise in your soul?  Take a moment to jot down your thoughts after a good, long gaze at this image.    It’s sad to consider that if astronauts today, 39 years after Apollo 8, tried to read inspirational words from the Bible, they would be promptly sued by the ACLU, and roundly condemned by leading politicians, scientists and educators.  Your thoughts do not have to reflect their thoughts; they can be aligned with God’s thoughts.  “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.  For as the heavens are high above the earth, so our my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts” (Isaiah 55:8-9).(Visited 14 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

One Spirit Can Operate a Split Brain

first_imgExperiments with split-brain patients in Amsterdam lend support to the idea that one immaterial being operates the physical brain, even when damaged.The University of Amsterdam UVA News posted an intriguing headline: “Split brain does not lead to split consciousness.” Split brain refers to a condition when the corpus callosum, the “pipeline” between the brain’s two hemispheres, has been severed. Classic experiments seemed to show that the left side of the brain could only perceive objects on the left side, and vice versa, leading researchers to conclude that each hemisphere generated its own conscious identity. UvA psychologist Yair Pinto has run new experiments to show that is not entirely true. The experiments are difficult because of the rarity of people having the condition. Pinto had two subjects to work with, allowing a certain level of confirmation of his findings.To the researchers’ surprise, the patients were able to respond to stimuli throughout the entire visual field with all the response types: left hand, right hand and verbally. Pinto: ‘The patients could accurately indicate whether an object was present in the left visual field and pinpoint its location, even when they responded with the right hand or verbally. This despite the fact that their cerebral hemispheres can hardly communicate with each other and do so at perhaps 1 bit per second, which is less than a normal conversation. I was so surprised that I decide repeat the experiments several more times with all types of control.’The following graphic in the article illustrates how Pinto has disconfirmed earlier studies.What do the new findings imply?According to Pinto, the results present clear evidence for unity of consciousness in split-brain patients. ‘The established view of split-brain patients implies that physical connections transmitting massive amounts of information are indispensable for unified consciousness, i.e. one conscious agent in one brain. Our findings, however, reveal that although the two hemispheres are completely insulated from each other, the brain as a whole is still able to produce only one conscious agent. This directly contradicts current orthodoxy and highlights the complexity of unified consciousness.’If consciousness were a mere phenomenon emerging out of the physical brain, these results would seem impossible. They seem to indicate that an individual soul or spirit (what psychologists dub consciousness) can still operate through this disability, as if a person could still operate a machine that splits into two parts.Pinto et al.’s results are published in Brain: A Journal of Neurobiology.There are a couple of lessons here. One is that previous studies that seem to indicate one conclusion can later turn out to be fake science (as in the case of Bateman’s Principle; see 1/22/17). The other, more obvious interpretation, is that the Bible was right, all along: we are individual persons regardless of the condition of our physical brains. We are, as Wernher von Braun once said, “souls cast in animal bodies.” The soul drives the body – not the other way around. This has implications for the Personhood movement.(Visited 200 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Microsoft Launches Office Web Apps and Office 2010 in Limited Beta

first_imgTop Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Tags:#Microsoft#web frederic lardinois A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Today at its Wordwide Partner Conference in New Orleans, Microsoft announced that the Microsoft Office suite has reached the ‘technical preview’ milestone, and that starting today the company will open up the Office beta program to a larger number of users. While a new version of Office is obviously big news for a lot of users, the really interesting part of the announcement is that Microsoft is also releasing more details about the Office Web applications – which are lightweight, browser-based versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote (Microsoft’s note-taking tool). Beta testers can expect invites for the Office Web applications to go out in August.Office Web: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNoteWe got a chance to talk to Takeshi Numoto, the corporate vice president of the Microsoft Office Product Management Group, last week. He gave us more information about the Office Web applications. The web-based applications were designed to work on any browser and should even work on most mobile browsers. While some functions will only be available when Microsoft’s Silverlight is available on a machine, Silverlight is not a requirement to run most features of the web applications. Numoto stressed that the apps will run on Firefox, Safari, and, obviously, IE, though Google’s Chrome is suspiciously absent from this list (Stephen Elop, the head of the Office division explains why at the end of this interview). The web applications will be tied in closely with the desktop clients, and the online storage will be managed through SkyDrive. For consumers, the web apps will be hosted on Windows Live and will be available for free, although Numoto remained tight-lipped about possible plans to monetize the apps through advertising. We could only get him to acknowledge that Microsoft was indeed ‘experimenting’ with various options, which we can only assume includes advertising.Real-Time CollaborationAnother important aspect, which also ties in with a feature that Microsoft is stressing in the desktop applications of the Office suite, is the ability to collaborate on any document with various users simultaneously – including those using the web applications. While we haven’t seen this in action, having a rich-text editor at hand for real-time collaboration on Word and PowerPoint documents is going to be a very exciting feature for a lot of users (however some third-party service providers who currently offer similar services will probably not be happy about this).See What’s New in Microsoft Web Applications 2010Enterprise: Office Web Behind the FirewallFor enterprises, Microsoft will offer two solutions. One will be hosted as part of Microsoft’s Online Services. Another version, however, will be available for companies to host on their own servers on top of SharePoint. For enterprises, especially those that have long felt that cloud computing wasn’t for them, this self-hosted version of the browser-based Office suite is going to be a very attractive solution, especially considering that all of Microsoft’s 90 million Office annuity customers will get access to this version as a regular part of the updates that come with these volume licenses. As Numoto told us, Microsoft believes that this will allow the company to differentiate itself from other companies that offer office solutions in the cloud. While Takeshi was careful not to mention any competitors by name, it is obvious that this is aimed at Google (and perhaps less so, startups like Zoho and ThinkFree).Clearly, this release will be a major deal for consumers and enterprises. A free version of the browser-based Office application that easily syncs with the desktop version and allows collaboration between users on both systems is going to be a big deal.What About the Desktop?The desktop apps obviously also got a make-over. But compared to the shift to Office 2007, the current release features only minor cosmetic updates from what we have seen so far. The integration of the web apps looks like the most exciting addition, as well as the ribbon interface becoming standard across all the applications. Also, Microsoft is putting a lot of emphasis on real-time collaboration, and different users can now edit documents simultaneously. Alhough Numote emphasized that all edits can be reversed.See What’s New in Microsoft Outlook 2010Numoto also stressed the Office team focused on improving some of the most often used features. As an example, he told us that cut and paste is obviously one of the most popular features in Office, but that Microsoft found that after pasting something into a document, the key that was used the most often afterward was ‘delete.’ In order to improve the cut and paste process, Office will now feature a ‘cut and paste preview,’ similar to the feature that Office 2007 already offers for changing styles and fonts, for example.Outlook aficionados will also be happy to hear that the email client will now feature an option to ‘ignore’ unwanted threads.While the Technical Preview, which was announced today, will only be available for a limited number of users, the beta program will be open to everybody. Microsoft expects to ship the final version of Office 2010 in the first half of 2010.So far, we haven’t had a chance to actually test-drive the desktop or web apps ourselves, but you can expect an in-depth review from us once we get access to the beta.center_img Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Related Posts last_img read more

The Return Of Myspace: Company Pres Roger Mincheff Aims To Make History All Over Again

first_imgRelated Posts Myspace is dead: Long live Myspace. The late social network known for garish user-generated designs is back in a bid to become what its leaders say it should have been from the beginning: a home for artist discovery and development. But after years of fumbling, can this Internet punchline become relevant again? I put that question to Roger Mincheff, president of Myspace Entertainment.In February, Mincheff left his post running 20th Century Fox’s digital strategy for branded entertainment to join Myspace. Before that, he ran his own digital marketing agency, Spacedog Media, where he worked with Citibank, Panasonic, Qantas and independent comic book publisher Top Cow (orginator of Spawn), introducing product placement into comic books and – surprise – writing original graphic novels, many of which he sold to major film studios. In early 2012, Mincheff was tapped for Myspace by new owners Tim and Chris Vanderhook, who setup a meeting with minority owner Justin Timberlake in a Manhattan restaurant that was emptied for the occasion. The meeting sealed the deal. I met Mincheff several months ago for breakfast in Beverly Hills, far from pesky PR staffers and associates. We didn’t have the whole restaurant to ourselves, but by the way he talked and lit up when he told his story, it almost felt that way.RWW: What led you to take the Myspace position?Roger Mincheff: I could not have been more excited or doing better at Fox, building this new business for them. But in talking about Myspace and content, Justin looked at me and said, “You’re not cool because you say you’re cool, you’re cool because you do something cool.”And when you’re sitting there and you have an opportunity to literally write history – whatever happens with Myspace it will either flame out, which I don’t believe, or it will come back. No matter which one, it will be epic, and history will write that story. So to be part of a story like Myspace, with someone like Justin, where content is central, it was an epic opportnuity. I drink the Kool-Aid. RWW: Were you onboard before Timberlake came on?RM: It was a possibility, but when Justin said that, I said, “that’s my calling.”RWW: What’s the biggest challenge in rebuilding MySpace?RM: The biggest issue is perception, because from a audience and consumer standpoint, Myspace is a phenomenal value. From a function standpoint, it is probably the best music/creative experience out there. But none of that matters if people don’t know that. From the audience standpoint, it actually became cool to think Myspace was dead. But having the indie spirit of Justin and the Vanderhook brothers, I think when the audience tries the new Myspace, that will happen.The harder obstacle in my mind is [convincing] the brands and the agencies. Because if you covered the name Myspace and just showed brands our numbers, we would be a “must.” But what we have to overcome is the perception that Myspace isn’t relevant.The reality is we have a massive, young, active audience already; forget anything new. Part of it is just reeducating the brands about how relevant we really are and the impact we’re capable of having. And I think when all of the new Myspace starts rolling out and getting exposed to that, I really do think on a lot of levels, it’s manifest destiny. It has to happen.RWW: What is the new Myspace?RM: We’re bringing Myspace back to what it should have been. Meaning the legacy of Myspace, the mission statement of Myspace hasn’t changed at all. It’s about empowering discovery. If you’re an artist looking to be discovered or if you’re a fan looking to discover, that’s where Myspace will win. That is still at the core. The new Myspace is simply superior tools, technologies, community and support.RWW:  Who do you look up to in business? RM: Lee Iacocca and Steve Jobs. They were going to fail or succeed, but the credit or blame would lay nowhere else but on them.RWW: Is that what you would say is going on right now in your current role at Myspace?RM: I’m the president of Myspace Entertainment, I head up the component of the company that makes content. So if you’re going to see a concert, if you’re going to see a series, if you’re going to see any content that’s from Myspace, distributed, I will own that. I can’t be too pompous because a lot of other things have to go right. The technology has to work, the platform, the music, which is the driver, so a lot of things have to happen. But the content piece of it, which is mine, absolutely. That’s why I look up to those guys and how you have to live your life. Own what you do and be ready to take the accolades or the blame. RWW: You said earlier you have several unreleased comic-book properties ready for publication. How does that tie into the original content you’re planning for Myspace?RM: Myspace once had an incredible comic-book community. This is a platform for creators: How am I going to use my own platform to promote what it is I’m doing? I also have Arcana and Top Cow (comic book publishers), either one, I have an open invitation [to publish].RWW: Could you do both? Could those be released via Myspace and in conjunction with a comic-book publisher?RM: Absolutely. That’s an interesting call. Do you actually show you’re multimedia and you’re paper and you’re digital? Or is it even bolder to say: ‘We’re in the digital age, it’s about digital, let’s just do this digitally?’ What I haven’t decided is, with all of the things I have lined up, which one do I want to go with first? RWW: With all these commitments going on, how do you stay sane and balanced?RM: I’ve played softball with the same core group of guys every Monday night since 1993. It’s a slice of sanity I can rely on every week. The second part of my answer is that I have 8-year-old twins, and while both are athletes, neither have ever played on a team that wasn’t coached by Dad. It’s been a scheduling nightmare at times, but definitely worth it. I don’t think anything builds character like sports, and watching them develop their personalities has been one of life’s best treats to date. The task at hand is so overwhelming that even if it’s a couple minutes before I go to bed, or even if it’s coaching my kids on a baseball team, those slivers of time I take for myself are my sanity. Softball, my kids and comics books, those really are my passions.  Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro… adam popescu Tags:#MySpace#social networks#web center_img Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Auditlast_img read more

State retained 7.5% growth, but farm sector in distress

first_imgMaharashtra’s economy grew at an estimated 7.5% in 2018-19, the same pace as the year before it, but growth in the agricultural sector collapsed to a mere 0.4% and crop output shrank by a sharp 8%.With industrial growth also contracting, it was only a sharp 9.2% growth in the Services sector that helped the State retain the 7.5% growth rate, as per the Economic Survey tabled in the Assembly on Monday.The agriculture and allied activities sector is expected to grow by 0.4% compared to 3.1% in 2017-18 while industry may grow by 6.9% compared to 7.6 % in the previous fiscal. Only the services sector is predicted to grow faster than the 8.1% recorded in 2017-18. What should set off alarm bells about the State’s agrarian economy is the 8% contraction in crop production during the year gone by. “The State is facing consecutive droughts. The drop in crop production is a result of that. Despite that, we have managed to keep the overall growth rate at more than that of the Indian economy,” said Finance Minister Sudhir Mungantiwar. “We are expected to maintain the pace of the growth despite odds,” he said, adding that the real Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) is estimated to be ₹20,88,835 crore with expected growth of 7.5%. Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has set a target to make Maharashtra a trillion dollar economy by 2025. Maharashtra is presently a $400 billion economy.The Opposition has raised doubts about the numbers quoted in the survey, and demanded a close scrutiny. Former chief minister and senior Congress leader Prithviraj Chavan flagged some doubts on the authenticity of figures and said the agricultural growth rate had been revised by almost 12%. “As per the Economic Survey of 2017-18, the estimated agriculture development rate was (-) 8.3%. In the present survey, it has been revised to 3.4%. It is impossible to have such a big change of almost 12%. The government should show proof of such drastic changes,” he said. Dhananjay Munde, the Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Council said there was a need to set up an “all-party members’ committee” for evaluation of the Economic Survey.According to the survey, the State witnessed average rainfall (84.3% of the normal) in 2017-18, 10.7 percentage points lower than 2016-17. Production of food grain, oilseeds and cotton decreased by about 15.1%, 17.7% and 43.3% respectively while that of sugarcane, fruits and vegetables increased by 53.3%, 10.3% and 17% respectively. The survey estimates the growth rate of mining & quarrying and manufacturing sectors within the industry as 2.9% and 7.1% for 2018-19, up from 7.2% and 7.7% in 2017-18. Mr. Mungantiwar said that the State has registered growth in per capita income during 2018-19 at ₹1,91,827 from ₹1,76,102 of 2017-18. The State however, ranks at number three behind Karnataka and Telangana nationally.last_img read more

Maharashtra dams are 50% full

first_imgIncessant rains for over a week have filled Maharashtra’s dams to 50% of their capacity, bringing relief to the drought-hit regions. The water levels in Marathwada region, which had dropped to below 1% have now touched double digits. According to information from the Water Resources Department, the water storage in all dams of the State is 51.36% of their total capacity, which is almost equal to the 51.41% of 2018 on the same date. Dams in Marathwada have recorded 11.77% of their total storage capacity as compared to 17.89% last year. Vidarbha’s Amaravati and Nagpur divisions too have recorded an increase in water storage in dams, with 16.82% and 28.22% of their total capacity, respectively. The water levels in Marathwada dams had gone below 1% mark in July due to very less or no rains. An official from the department said continuous rains in western Maharashtra and Konkan region have ensured satisfactory increase in the water levels. “While these parts have benefited with rains, some regions of Marathwada, Vidarbha and central Maharashtra are yet to get rains. But according to Indian Meteorological Department, these parts will get medium to high showers from August 7 to 9,” said the official.He said that the department has predicted flood-like situation in some parts of Marathwada and central Maharashtra for August 9. “Disaster management teams have been asked to be on alert,” he said. Meanwhile, Health Minister Eknath Shinde, said, “As per the initial estimate, a total of 1.14 lakh population is affected due to floods. Diseases spread after the water recedes and medical teams have been kept ready in anticipation.”last_img read more