Sanchís y Salinas: “The champion will not leave this meeting”

first_imgRegarding the planning of the workforce, Salinas was especially critical of the dismissal of Valverde. “Neither expected nor fair, it’s a mistake. If you want to change it, do it after losing the Cup final. The problem is that they had no substitute. Above the forms were bad, it was very bad management. ” On Madrid, Sanchís said that “I would be surprised if they weren’t taking a look at next season. You can’t wait for summer, you have to plan now and they will be looking for a goal ”. “The goal is what commands. We had a great scorer like Cristiano. When leaving the normal thing is that someone had come, not to be so decisive but to collaborate. In the big clubs, the goal is fundamental. It is what is not letting Madrid grow as a team. ” He was also critical of Bale: “If one day he decided to be a soccer player, it would be tremendous. As long as it doesn’t, it isn’t being very productive. ” As for the staff of Barcelona, ​​Salinas also finds shortcomings: “Barça has it poorly made in the center, it has been looking for four years. You stay with three … And then with the striker … Suarez does not want competition, it is difficult to have two cracks in that position. You sell to Aleñà, Carles Pérez … Then what do you want the subsidiary for? In the end chips facing the gallery … “.Another current issue, that of the VAR, was also discussed. Sanchís got wet on Ramos’ controversial play in the game against City. “It’s 100% missing, it’s not interpretable. If they decide it isn’t, something fails. ” Given this, Salinas contributed an idea to improve performance: “In the VAR there should be a footballer. The referee sees it from the legal point of view and sometimes the feeling comes in, you can’t go with the law in your hand. ” “It’s interesting, it would enrich it,” Sanchís added. They both compared it to their time, when there were not so many cameras: “For a striker he is now a bargain, you know you are protected. You know that the referee is not going to scare, in our time it influenced countries like Turkey and others. The best away from home did not play, ”said the former Barça.Finally, on the result in the Classic, Salinas predicted “a 1-1”, while Sanchís is worth “everything that is a victory for Madrid.” In addition, the former Barça believes that after everything that happened this year in the club, the players will be “more liberated. If they do not win titles the fault will be thrown to the board ”. Banco Santander, in its Work Café in Paseo de Recoletos (Madrid), made a new LaLiga Santander Talks to analyze the Classic this Sunday between Madrid and Barcelona (9:00 pm, Movistar LaLiga). On this occasion the guests were Manolo Sanchís and Julio Salinas, two former players with extensive experience in this type of matches. The journalist Maldini served as moderator.When assessing the decisiveness of this meeting, both agree. “The champion of this match will not come out. Both have left many points and by the end of the year more will be left, ”Sanchis analyzed. The same line followed Salinas: “It is more important for Madrid, although I agree that the champion will not leave here.” The former Barça analyzed the moment when the two arrive at the meeting: “Both teams are stiff. They are praying every day so that Messi is not injured, if he is injured you can take everything for granted. ”The two also coincided when giving praise to Vinicius after his great performance against Ajax. “He has enough qualities to bet on him. Talent is what you have or not. It has two or three facets in which it is very good. It has grown, has more confidence and is more unbalanced. It is the youth that has evolved the most, ”said Sanchís. “I would take me to Vinicius, it’s extraordinary. I love it. Let’s not kill him by comparing him with Messi. He can mark a time in Madrid.” In addition, both said that today Vinicius is “one step above” Ansu Fati, because It is “more done.” Sanchís, on the other hand, also put him above Rodrygo: “He is on a different step. Rodrygo is a bet on the future and Vinicius is already a starter. He has already knocked down the door, Rodrygo has yet to do it” .last_img read more