Waterhouse in crucial clash

first_imgWaterhouse FC’s survival in the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) could hinge on the result of today’s match against Tivoli Gardens FC at Waterhouse Stadium, starting at 6 p.m.Having struggled in the nation’s top flight league for more than two-thirds of the preliminary stage this season, Waterhouse face a crucial encounter in Match Day 25. With nine sets of games remaining before the top four battle for the title, Waterhouse are in last place on 21 points in the 12-team league.Waterhouse’s top forward, 23 year-old Kenroy Howell, is confident that the club will survive.”Well, every game is like a final for us. We are aware of the situation and the goal is to stay in the league and take it from there next season. We are not used to this, but we will stay up,” Howell said.easy taskThe Drewsland club is a point behind Rivoli (22) and five points behind 10th-place Tivoli Gardens (26) as the relegation battle gets intense.It means that today’s game is a must-win for Waterhouse in order to move up the points standings. Although playing at home, it won’t be an easy task for the home side.Since the return of Glendon ‘Admiral’ Bailey as technical director/coach, Tivoli Gardens have been unbeaten in their last three games, with two wins and a draw. On the other hand, Waterhouse have only one win in their past five games.Waterhouse, under the guidance of coach Paul Young, will rely on their leading marksman Kenroy Howell, with eight goals, as well as veterans such as Kevin Lamey, Devon Hodges, and Nicholy Finlayson for a victory at home.Tivoli Gardens’ leading scorer is Junior Flemmings on nine goals, and he is expected to get support from former Reggae Boy Jermaine ‘Teddy’ Anderson and captain Andre Morgan.In the other games, RSPL leaders Montego Bay United hope to maintain their good form against Boys’ Town at the Barbican field.Portmore, coming off three straight defeats, could get back to winning ways against the lowly Rivoli United. Humble Lion face UWI FC in another interesting clash. Humble Lion are currently in fourth position on 35 points, while new boys UWI FC are only two points off the Clarendon outfit.Defending champions Arnett Gardens are expected to get the better of Reno at the Anthony Spaulding Sports Complex.Today’s games• 3 p.m: Boys’ Town vs Montego Bay United at Barbican Complex• 3 p.m: Rivoli United vs Portmore United at Prison Oval• 5 p.m: Humble Lion vs UWI FC at Effortville Community Centre in Clarendon• 6 p.m: Arnett Gardens vs FC Reno at the Anthony Spaulding Complex• 6 p.m: Waterhouse vs Tivoli Gardens at Waterhouse StadiumTomorrow night’s game 8:40 p.m: Harbour View vs Cavalier SC at Harbour View Stadiumlast_img read more

Mandela mourns Nthato Motlana

first_imgThe Committee of Ten was among the organisations banned by the apartheid government on 19 October 1977 on what became known as “Black Wednesday”. Motlana was also the chairperson of the Soweto Committee of Ten which was formed to run Soweto’s affairs after the collapse of the Soweto Urban Bantu Council. The award honoured him as one of the “few individuals who paved the way for black businesspeople who play in the black economic empowerment space today.” Former president Nelson Mandela has sent condolences to the family of Dr Nthato Motlana, a leading businessman, close friend and physician of the Mandela family and stalwart of South Africa’s liberation struggle, who died on Sunday night after a long battle with cancer. Motlana was last year awarded the Financial Mail’s Little Black Book Lifetime Achiever Award in “recognition of his outstanding achievements in the business world and his community involvement.” “It was the first time that the African National Congress (ANC) and the South African Indian Congress had campaigned together,” the Mandela Foundation said. “They were sentenced to nine months in jail with hard labour suspended for two years. On 14 March this year, Motlana joined a group of former activists at a reunion with Mandela at the Nelson Mandela Foundation in Johannesburg. They were the surviving accused with Mandela in three major trials – the 1952 Defiance Campaign Trial, the 1956-61 Treason Trial, and the 1963-64 Rivonia Trial.center_img Source: BuaNews “A leading member of the Soweto community and vice-chair of the Black Parents’ Association during the Student Uprising in 1976, the late Motlana was detained after the uprising.” “His unfailing support for our family during the prison years is something we will never forget. We will miss him. And our country will miss him. His contributions in such a variety of fields made him a patriot of special quality. 2 December 2008 “The loss of our old comrade and friend, Nthato Motlana, is a hard blow,” Mandela said in a statement on Monday. “We have travelled a long road together, through many decades of the struggle against apartheid and the years of building democracy. He was one of the accused, with Mandela and 18 others, in the 1952 Defiance Campaign Trial. All the accused were convicted for their role in a campaign of peaceful protests against apartheid laws.last_img read more

Purple wheat?

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Some farmers in northwest Ohio have noted purple-reddish leaves on their wheat crop (see picture). If your wheat plants turned purple, here are a couple of things to note.Environmental: Was the shift in color fairly sudden and widespread in the field? If so, the purple leaves may be weather related. With the abnormally warmer temperatures we experienced this fall, the shift to colder temperatures may have been sudden enough to slow the wheat growth and cause the leaves to turn purple. If this is the case, make a note and watch what develops. Also, planting too shallow, late planting date, abnormally dry compaction soils can accentuate the appearance of the wheat as it adapts from warm to cold temperatures. There is nothing you can do at this time and new growth should shift back to green when warmer temperatures return in the spring.Some of the purpling may be due to a build-up of sugars (sucrose) in the leaf tissue. The switch from warm to cool temperatures can affect the rate of sugar transport in the plant, which may trigger anthocyanin formation. Anthocyanins are reddish-purple pigments that form in stem and leaf tissue, and can help absorb excess light energy and divert it away from photosynthetic centers. These pigments act as a sort of “sunblock” to help the plant handle the sunny and cool environmental conditions while minimizing permanent damage to the leaves.Fertility: If your wheat has been purple for a longer period of time, it may be indication of a phosphorus deficiency. For wheat production, soil phosphorus should be at least 25 ppm Bray P, according to the Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendation. We are currently re-evaluating P requirements of wheat through on-farm research to validate that wheat P needs are higher than corn and soybean. Between 2013-2015, we conducted statewide soil testing and found 41% of the soils tested had soil phosphorus levels < 35 ppm Mehlich P. If you haven’t had your fields tested recently, we suggest taking a soil sample to evaluate soil fertility.Disease: Purple leaf discoloration may also be caused by diseases, particularly, barley yellow dwarf virus (BRDV). Indeed, BYDV could have been one of the possible causes of this problem, since conditions remained warm for several weeks after planting, favoring survival of the aphids that transmit this virus. However, contrary to what is being reported, plants with BYDV are usually not found uniformly distributed across the field or associated with tile lines. Due to the fact that this virus is transmitted by aphids, affected plant are commonly found in patches, often close to the edge of the field where aphids usually land and feed. In addition, on plants with typical symptoms of BYDV, only the tips of some of the leaves usually become discolored, not the entre leaf or the entire plant. So, based on what is being reported, it is unlikely that BYDV is the problem, however if it is, there is nothing you can do about it at this time, we will just have to wait and see what happens in the spring.last_img read more

The Return Of Myspace: Company Pres Roger Mincheff Aims To Make History All Over Again

first_imgRelated Posts Myspace is dead: Long live Myspace. The late social network known for garish user-generated designs is back in a bid to become what its leaders say it should have been from the beginning: a home for artist discovery and development. But after years of fumbling, can this Internet punchline become relevant again? I put that question to Roger Mincheff, president of Myspace Entertainment.In February, Mincheff left his post running 20th Century Fox’s digital strategy for branded entertainment to join Myspace. Before that, he ran his own digital marketing agency, Spacedog Media, where he worked with Citibank, Panasonic, Qantas and independent comic book publisher Top Cow (orginator of Spawn), introducing product placement into comic books and – surprise – writing original graphic novels, many of which he sold to major film studios. In early 2012, Mincheff was tapped for Myspace by new owners Tim and Chris Vanderhook, who setup a meeting with minority owner Justin Timberlake in a Manhattan restaurant that was emptied for the occasion. The meeting sealed the deal. I met Mincheff several months ago for breakfast in Beverly Hills, far from pesky PR staffers and associates. We didn’t have the whole restaurant to ourselves, but by the way he talked and lit up when he told his story, it almost felt that way.RWW: What led you to take the Myspace position?Roger Mincheff: I could not have been more excited or doing better at Fox, building this new business for them. But in talking about Myspace and content, Justin looked at me and said, “You’re not cool because you say you’re cool, you’re cool because you do something cool.”And when you’re sitting there and you have an opportunity to literally write history – whatever happens with Myspace it will either flame out, which I don’t believe, or it will come back. No matter which one, it will be epic, and history will write that story. So to be part of a story like Myspace, with someone like Justin, where content is central, it was an epic opportnuity. I drink the Kool-Aid. RWW: Were you onboard before Timberlake came on?RM: It was a possibility, but when Justin said that, I said, “that’s my calling.”RWW: What’s the biggest challenge in rebuilding MySpace?RM: The biggest issue is perception, because from a audience and consumer standpoint, Myspace is a phenomenal value. From a function standpoint, it is probably the best music/creative experience out there. But none of that matters if people don’t know that. From the audience standpoint, it actually became cool to think Myspace was dead. But having the indie spirit of Justin and the Vanderhook brothers, I think when the audience tries the new Myspace, that will happen.The harder obstacle in my mind is [convincing] the brands and the agencies. Because if you covered the name Myspace and just showed brands our numbers, we would be a “must.” But what we have to overcome is the perception that Myspace isn’t relevant.The reality is we have a massive, young, active audience already; forget anything new. Part of it is just reeducating the brands about how relevant we really are and the impact we’re capable of having. And I think when all of the new Myspace starts rolling out and getting exposed to that, I really do think on a lot of levels, it’s manifest destiny. It has to happen.RWW: What is the new Myspace?RM: We’re bringing Myspace back to what it should have been. Meaning the legacy of Myspace, the mission statement of Myspace hasn’t changed at all. It’s about empowering discovery. If you’re an artist looking to be discovered or if you’re a fan looking to discover, that’s where Myspace will win. That is still at the core. The new Myspace is simply superior tools, technologies, community and support.RWW:  Who do you look up to in business? RM: Lee Iacocca and Steve Jobs. They were going to fail or succeed, but the credit or blame would lay nowhere else but on them.RWW: Is that what you would say is going on right now in your current role at Myspace?RM: I’m the president of Myspace Entertainment, I head up the component of the company that makes content. So if you’re going to see a concert, if you’re going to see a series, if you’re going to see any content that’s from Myspace, distributed, I will own that. I can’t be too pompous because a lot of other things have to go right. The technology has to work, the platform, the music, which is the driver, so a lot of things have to happen. But the content piece of it, which is mine, absolutely. That’s why I look up to those guys and how you have to live your life. Own what you do and be ready to take the accolades or the blame. RWW: You said earlier you have several unreleased comic-book properties ready for publication. How does that tie into the original content you’re planning for Myspace?RM: Myspace once had an incredible comic-book community. This is a platform for creators: How am I going to use my own platform to promote what it is I’m doing? I also have Arcana and Top Cow (comic book publishers), either one, I have an open invitation [to publish].RWW: Could you do both? Could those be released via Myspace and in conjunction with a comic-book publisher?RM: Absolutely. That’s an interesting call. Do you actually show you’re multimedia and you’re paper and you’re digital? Or is it even bolder to say: ‘We’re in the digital age, it’s about digital, let’s just do this digitally?’ What I haven’t decided is, with all of the things I have lined up, which one do I want to go with first? RWW: With all these commitments going on, how do you stay sane and balanced?RM: I’ve played softball with the same core group of guys every Monday night since 1993. It’s a slice of sanity I can rely on every week. The second part of my answer is that I have 8-year-old twins, and while both are athletes, neither have ever played on a team that wasn’t coached by Dad. It’s been a scheduling nightmare at times, but definitely worth it. I don’t think anything builds character like sports, and watching them develop their personalities has been one of life’s best treats to date. The task at hand is so overwhelming that even if it’s a couple minutes before I go to bed, or even if it’s coaching my kids on a baseball team, those slivers of time I take for myself are my sanity. Softball, my kids and comics books, those really are my passions.  Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro… adam popescu Tags:#MySpace#social networks#web center_img Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Auditlast_img read more

Security forces put on high alert in Jammu & Kashmir

first_imgSecurity forces in Jammu and Kashmir have been put on a high alert following reports of large scale infiltration of militants in the Valley from across the Line of Control, officials said here on Friday.Militants fired upon a CRPF vehicle in Pulwama on Friday morning. A police official there were no injuries in the attack. The CRPF vehicle of 183 Battalion came under fire at Eidgah crossing in Pulwama town. SSP Pulwama Mohd. Asalam Chaudhary said, “Soon after this incident, whole area has been cordoned off.” There are reports of infiltration of over 20 militants into Kashmir from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) recently, the officials said. They said most of the militants are believed to be affiliated to Jaish-e-Mohammad outfit headed by Maulana Masood Azhar.The security grid is apprehending a spike in militant attacks in the state, particularly in the Valley, the officials added. The security forces have been asked to remain on a high alert and maintain vigil around sensitive security installations across the State, they said.The officials said it is rare for such a large number of militants to infiltrate in one go and indicated the desperation of their handlers across the LoC to keep the Kashmir pot boiling.last_img read more