Three examples to tell you what is good staff

now many companies want to be able to choose their own talents, the only way for the company to start welfare. The majority of enterprises in the selection of employees when the qualifications as a hard condition, which makes a lot of really good employees can only flinch. In an enterprise to judge the quality of the staff, and education is not much relationship, the most important thing is to look at the staff usually work hard. The three example tells you what is a good employee:

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nspirational entrepreneurship pig where tens of thousands of leukemia patients

every time to see the Korean TV drama suffering from leukemia, the audience can not help tucao. However, in fact, the reality is so cruel, suffering from leukemia, inspirational brother sick entrepreneurial debt, positive face of life, touched countless people.

6 29, leukemia patients Su Jie told him sick entrepreneurial experience.

of his misfortune

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What should be prepared to invest early education franchise

now, parents pay attention to children’s education are very small, when children are let go development institutions, so early childhood institutions has great market prospects, but must be prepared to do a good job in the investment.

in fact, whether entrepreneurs in the investment projects which is promising prospects of relatively poor project, as long as it is before investing in this project, a good preparation industry is conducive to the development of this industry. Of course, this aspect of the problem for early education chain entrepreneurs, but also very critical. Next, the chain network on the investment chain of early education need to do what to prepare to do the following analysis. read more

Public entrepreneurship to further promote entrepreneurship students entrepreneurship

now the whole society college student entrepreneurs and some of their entrepreneurial activities have attracted much attention, at the same time, now the country continues to hold some entrepreneurial nature of public welfare activities, in order to promote the college students entrepreneurship.

with entrepreneurship development tide continues to promote college students’ Entrepreneurship more attention, has become an important way for colleges and universities innovative entrepreneurial talent training. Entrepreneurship education is not only an important force to promote the quality education in Colleges and universities and the ideological and political education reform and innovation, but also enhance the students’ sense of social responsibility and practical ability, promote personnel training more in line with the effective way for university students to internal demand. read more

Sanmenxia further formation of entrepreneurship innovation and excellence in the realm of the situa

innovation and entrepreneurship in Sanmenxia atmosphere is more and more intense, in 2016 is a brave when the transformation and development demonstration zone. Have a good entrepreneurial environment, stimulate people’s entrepreneurial passion is to improve the quality of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial needs of people to know how to seize the opportunity.

3 15, deputy secretary of the city, led by the city of Changan Wei city finance, planning, housing construction, development and reform, business and other departments in charge of the lake area to study the economic and social development. City Government Secretary General Liu Tingfu, accompanied by research. read more

Holidays do jewelry promotion 3 coup

holiday is very important for the industry has been the sales season, for the jewelry industry is now, and now the jewelry industry is in a rapid development trend. You want to own interests more, should take into account the contribution to the business income of the holidays, businesses are thinking about how to make full use of the holiday to make their jewelry sales to rapid growth. So a variety of promotional tools came into being. How to stand out in such a fierce competition? The following content may give you a jewelry store or self store some useful inspiration.

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How to run a good wine shop

red wine a lot of benefits, the specific benefits do not believe that the small talk too much, love the people who drink red wine is also a lot of the market is very big, not to find the good franchise brand can wait to receive benefits, success belongs to those who are prepared, business Wine stores too, even if you have chosen a very worthwhile to join the brand, if not operating properly, so it is difficult to succeed, for the novice, want to run Wine also has the certain difficulty, but still has the skill, here and we talk about how to manage new Wine stores. read more

Anfu county the first payment of 6 million 240 thousand yuan loan to support entrepreneurship

for the majority of small and micro entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial funds plagued the establishment and expansion of the project. Venture capital where to find? Anfu county has been first issued 6 million 240 thousand yuan loan, help the workers realize the priority of entrepreneurship.

"thank you so much, is this 80 thousand yuan interest free loans, I can ease work orders!" before the employee service center of Ji’an city of Jiangxi province Anfu county federation of trade unions, migrant workers Zhao Jiangan hold staff engaged in the business of processing Aluminum Alloy hands excitedly said. read more

Home building materials industry dealers how to successfully operate more shops

new house renovation of the old house renovation is the need for the use of building materials, building materials industry market prospects have been great, how can we successfully manage such a career? For the building materials industry Home Furnishing dealer boss, what should or should the shop open shop, this is a question.

level distribution: the formation of regional market linkage effects

on the concept of level distribution is very simple, is to open several stores in the same region market problem. So the level of distribution in the end there are several forms, in the regional market to open a few stores more appropriate, is not every shop should be built standard store? The answer to this question is worth thinking about, the idea of the boss will take a different level of distribution strategy, the level of distribution can be summed up in three modes. read more

Jewelry store late management should pay attention to

for the current market demand, many entrepreneurs feel now the jewelry market is very popular, but good things have its advantages and disadvantages on the side, it is the latter part of the management of it, the slightest mistake will The loss outweighs the gain..


the empty shelves, and some even 5-6 rows are empty; in this case, mainly in the number of newcomers to join, to recover the investment, to store replenishment; when this happens, let guests feel the shop to re closed, so the guests did not dare to buy high-end jewelry shop, "if shut up, I bought something bad how to do", in the high-end jewelry shop after a month, will really move customers to your store; only a sense of trust, will buy your stores in high-end jewelry; read more

What is a good way to operate a chain of wood floors

wood flooring has become a lot of home and public places decoration materials, this material has been a lot of consumer attention and love, many friends want to join the brand project. So, the management of wood flooring chain, then what is the method? Xiao Bian introduced.

wood flooring sales market is very good, the investment is also the first choice for many people to invest in wood flooring chain, many people have opened a chain of wood floors. Open wood flooring chain store sales are very critical. The shopping guide is often the most important part of the sale, through the sale of wood flooring to buyers, is the need to master a lot of operating points, especially in the shopping guide skills, there are a lot of attention. Below, small series to talk about the purchase of wood flooring chain shopping guide. read more

1000 yuan small entrepreneurial projects do what

2016 years of entrepreneurship, what is the most profitable? Small investment to do what is best? For only 1000 yuan in the hands of entrepreneurs who have entrepreneurial opportunities? The following small series to introduce you to the small business 1000 yuan venture.

small 1000 yuan entrepreneurial projects: early courier industry

early design tips: 1) staple food: bread, buns, cakes or other Steamed Buns; 2): pickles or other non-staple food special dishes; 3) drinks: tea, coffee, milk, gruel or other liquid food; 4) design and manufacture special breakfast lunch boxes, staple food, non-staple food, beverage in a box, so for express delivery and sale; 5) to design should be made according to different regions and different tastes and a healthy diet, according to the general quantity, the price not too expensive, if a large volume of business, will be exempted from the courier fee. If you can be 10 units per day for about 1500 people early delivery, a box of $3, then the monthly income of 4500 yuan, get rid of half the cost, leaving more than 2200 yuan. read more

Bigamy 4 men and his wife the 3 marriage certificate is not networked system fault

in a lot of older young people are not willing to get married, a man in Peixian has been married 3 times, this man has a wife of bigamy, the marriage of the 3 marriage certificate, another marriage for the fact that marriage.

10 years, Peixian man Hou received three of the marriage certificate. In 2005, he received the first marriage certificate in Guangxi, 2009 houmou to conceal the history of marriage, marriage in Peixian and registered in 2013, second he conceal marital history, and a woman married again. In the first registration before marriage, houmou had a de facto marriage (not married). read more