Steam introduces Daily Deals promising 24hour big game discounts

first_imgAs a PC gamer, Steam is a service I keep an eye on due to the big discounts it applies to games during key holidays, or just as a midweek deal. But as of today, the discounts get a lot more regular allowing us to add many more games to our libraries for just a few dollars each.Valve has decided that from now on it will start offering a Daily Deal through Steam. That means every day you can expect to be offered a new game with a substantial discount applied. The first Daily Deal is a good example of this. Codemasters’ Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising has had its $19.99 price point dropped 75% to just $5 for the next 25 hours.While the prospect of deals like this every day is sure to bring a smile to many a PC gamer’s face, I also fear my game spending may rise because of this. A $5 game every day means some huge savings, but do that several times a month and the cost soon adds up.One thing I hope doesn’t happen is Valve starts using the Daily Deals to push discounts on pre-orders. I think we all prefer seeing titles that are a few months old being offered at hard-to-resist prices. The rate at which games come out its easy to miss a few, and seeing them come up for next to no money is really appreciated.If you want to know what the Daily Deal is every day it will be posted on the Steam homepage each morning. However, it may be easier just to follow the service on Twitter or Facebook and have the news piped to you every day.via Steamlast_img read more

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